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MMORPG Streams New World: Join Bradford For War! - UPDATE

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[Update: So our promised spot in the War today was given to someone else, so we can't stream it! But Bradford will be streaming some general New World gameplay in a bit once he's done stewing. Thanks, and Sorry!

Update 2: This is a moot point now, as New World just brought our server down for maintenance. Again, sorry for those who were interested in checking this out! Hopefully tomorrow's wars will fare better!]

War is upon us. Join Bradford as he takes part in the set-piece PvP mode in New Worldit's war system. 

When: 5pm PT/8pm ET

Where: Our Twitch channel: https://www.twitch.tv/mmorpgcom OR on the community tab here on MMORPG.com

Who: Bradford, and whomever else decides to descend upon the Discord call

War is waging in New World, bringing a bit of the Old World with the settlers of Aeternum. The Syndicate is assailing the Marauder's hold on the strategic region of Windsward, hoping to dislodge the brutish faction from its vast fields and forests. The Marauders, for their part, are eager to show dominance in Aeternum, pushing back against the powerful Syndicate and asserting their control over the middle of the Eternal Isle.

We'll be streaming from the attacker's side, showing off the PvP game mode for any who wish to tune in. Come give advice, or just laugh when Bradford ultimately makes a fool out of himself in repeated charges and flanking attacks. 

Come join us at 5pm PT/8pm ET tonight on Twitch!


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