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Microsoft's AI Is Making Raid Bosses Even Harder


Poorna Shankar Updated: Posted:
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Microsoft shared new AI details which apparently create unbeatable raid bosses.

As shared by Kotaku, the information came from the Game Stack developer live streams where James Trott, a software engineer, shared,

“We worked on a project with Microsoft tech last year for an MMO-like system for bosses that learn player behaviors in raid encounters. As raids go on and people find dominant strategies, the bosses adapt in near real time [and] detect the strategies players are implementing.”

He continued, discussing the evolution of algorithms and the challenge this places on developers,

“Now, the challenge for developers is how to tone back that machine learning and simulation, given the amount of compute in the cloud, so that the NPCs and monsters aren’t perfect. Because with enough training and enough compute, they will beat the player every time.”

Only time will tell how this tech pans out. Suffice it say, you won’t have to worry about this in your next WoW raid.


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