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Melee-Based RPG 'Eastern Exorcist' Hits Early Access August 14

Hand-drawn 2D side scroller

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Eastern Exorcist, a melee-based RPG, is set to release on Steam Early Access on August 14 with PS4 to follow.

If you’re unfamiliar with Eastern Exorcist, it’s described as a hand-drawn 2D environment playing host to a melee-based combat RPG. In fact, the art style is all hand-drawn in the Chinese ink painting style. In the game, you play as an exorcist who vanquishes demons with his sword.

You’ll have to master your weapon if you wish to survive. Described as an ode to the action-adventure genre, developer Wildfire Game cofounder Shaoyan Chen provided the following in an accompanying press release,

“We wanted Eastern Exorcist to be as striking to watch as it is captivating to play. That’s why this is a hand-drawn adventure where the flow of a fight appears as rich and real on screen as it feels in the hands of the person playing it. We can’t wait to see gamers take on the game’s league of beasts in play.”

Check out the trailer for Eastern Exorcist below:


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