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Magic: Legends Is Hosting A World Enchantment Weekend Event Starting May 6th

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Maro's Monkey Business is an upcoming weekend event for Magic: Legends, starting on May 6th and running through May 10th.

The event is a limited-time event over the weekend, which will allow players to create more World Enchantments than normal per day throughout the event. World Enchantments are effects which can increase difficulty and challenge during gameplay. These items are crafted at a Planeswalker's Aetheric Core in their personal Realm, and can increase complexity and difficulty, resulting in greater rewards in the ARPG.

"During this limited-time weekend event, Planeswalkers can craft up to three additional World Enchantments each day of the event at the Aetheric Core in their Realm. These event-specific World Enchantments will heavily alter aspects of your health and mana that greatly challenge how you might approach the battlefield to survive. Scholar's Benefit prevents passive healing between engagements, but healing spells and drawing cards will replenish your health pool. Color Alliance requires thoughtful construction of two-color decks, as base mana regen is reduced by 50%, but casting a spell of one of your deck’s colors provides 1 mana of the other color in your deck composition."

The event will start at 10am EDT/7am PDT on May 6th and run through 1pm EDT/10am PDT on Monday, May 10th. Magic: Legends has experienced some growing pains since its soft launch with an Open Beta in March, with many players providing feedback on the experience thus far. Since then, Cryptic has been hard at work patching and improving the game, with the latest State of the Game letter touching on the end game as well as some quality of life changes coming to Magic: Legends.


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