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Latest EVE Pulse Looks at Surgical Strike Tweaks and More

Plus QoL improvements

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The latest EVE Pulse video for EVE Online looks at tweaks to Surgical Strikes and more.

The team acknowledges the recent Surgical Strike which hasn’t been necessarily been accepted with open arms by the community. To that end, a few tweaks were announced, including structure-guided bombs seeing a 20% reduction in damage. Some other tweaks include an HP increase to Tech 1 freighters, and a scan resolution increase for Tech 2 battleships.

Some quality of life improvements were also discussed such as copying inventory items from the icon view. Other improvements include collapsible lists, multi-fitting from station containers, and expanded functionality for market search. In essence, this search functionality would try to match items as you type instead of having the player fully type out the item and execute the search.

Take a look at the full episode below.


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