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Join MMORPG.com And The Neverwinter Team Tomorrow During A Special Jewel Of The North Playthrough Stream

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Tomorrow MMORPG.com is hosting a special livestream with Neverwinter's Community Manager to celebrate the launch of the latest module in the D&D-based MMORPG, Jewel of the North, on console. Join Garrick Durham-Raley and Julia Frederickson, Neverwinter's CM, for an hour-long dive into Jewel of the North on console!

Starting at 1pm ET/10am PT on the MMORPG.com Twitch and YouTube channel, Garrick and Julia will be diving into the latest module in the Neverwinter series, Jewel of the North. Recently released on consoles, Jewel of the North features Neverwinter's recently released Bard class, bringing the first new class to the D&D MMO since 2016. 

The livestream itself will run for about an hour and we'll be hosting questions with Julia, as well as giving away copies of Jewel in the North on PlayStation and Xbox consoles. During the stream we'll be creating a new character and taking them through the new and improved tutorial, as well as the added Adventurer's Guild - just as a new player would experience it themselves.

Join us on Twitch and YouTube tomorrow at 1pm ET/10am PT for the stream!


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