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Indie MMO Spotlight: Jobs, Developer Interviews, And Fishing

Mitch Gassner Posted:
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Welcome back for another roundup of indie MMO news. It was a little quieter than usual this week, but what it lacked in quantity, the indie MMO universe was packed with quality. There are plenty of test events coming up, and several MMOs are already starting their Christmas events. With all of those events, I expect the last few weeks of the year will be a busy time for our favorite indie devs. Speaking of busy, it’s time you get busy reading this week’s Indie MMO Spotlight.


There is one question that has plagued the MMO community for decades - just how many concurrent players does a game need to have before it can be considered an MMO? However, for many players, there is a far more important question - does your MMO have fishing? And a recent tweet from BitCraft has answered that question.

The Cycle: Frontier

Yager Development sent out their first round of invites for the Focus Test Group for The Cycle: Frontier. There was also a trio of developer interviews this week. First up, YouTuber Geekseh interviewed Core Team Lead - Producer Christopher Sykora about the future of TCF. After watching that, head over to Twitch, where you’ll find Inviicta interviewing Creative Director Dan Banefelt and j0rdanmerrill talking with Influencer Marketing Manager Adam Cleaver.

Dual Universe

NovaQuark published the DU December Newsletter this week. Along with a quick look at the updates of the Demeter patch, there is also a Beta recap video that takes a look at some of the biggest changes and improvements added during the Beta cycle.


If you enjoyed the previous Genfanad Alpha Tests, you’ll be happy to know that the next test has been scheduled for later this month. The aptly named Winter Wondertest will be held from December 24 through January 3, and you can get all the details on the Genfanad website. That’s a pretty decent gift for all of you old-school MMOers out there.

Gloria Victis

It’s time for Weekly Update 298. This week there is talk about upcoming changes to make combat faster, but the bulk of the newsletter is for new and returning players. There are several videos to get you up to speed, and a “What to do in Gloria Victis” infographics highlights all of the current activities players can undertake.


Kosmos, the T21 Community Manager, stopped by the Ilysia Discord to let everyone know that all is going well with the work on the Alpha 2 client. It looks like the feature set is all but complete, and most of their effort is being directed towards squashing bugs. Before signing off, they also threw out a quick teaser of the new avatars that players will see in Alpha 2.

Perpetuum Online

The Open Perpetuum team pushed out Patch 27 last weekend, adding Gamma: Phase 2 to the mech-based MMO. You can read all about the additions of Phase 2 in the OP Devlog.


The Profane Twitter account shared a video to give us a quick look at the updated character creation screen they’ve been working on. Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments below.

Prosperous Universe

In Dev Log #313, Michi is asking for the community to help with the lore section of the PU Handbook. Nick mentioned the mysterious project they have all been hush hush about before continuing on to discuss his work with all things marketing.


The Ravendawn team is currently hiring for two positions - Market Researcher and Graphic Designer.

Realm of the Mad God

This week, the RotMG Blog addressed the difficulty of Oryx 3, mentioned a couple of new events, and introduced us to Discord Mod Faffy. There have also been more updates to the Kensei, which you can try out on the test server.

Villagers & Heroes

The Haunted Moors event ends on Monday, December 6. The festivities are just beginning, though, and the exit of the Haunted Moors marks the beginning of Christmas 2021 in V&H. New outfits, a Snow Leopard mount, and new quests are just the beginning. Be sure to check out the full 4.67 patch notes to ensure you don’t miss any goodies this holiday season.

World Seed

With 47 days left for the World Seed Kickstarter campaign, there is still a long way to go in reaching the $8751 goal. You can find out all the details on the World Seed Kickstarter page.

Zenith: The Last City

There’s a new trailer for the upcoming Zenith MMO Beta 2. With an updated release date of early 2022, Beta 2 will be the last chance for players to see the progress Ramen VR has made on the world and gameplay before the end of the year.


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