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Dana Massey Posted:
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We have a special treat for anyone who really, really wants to get into the Global Agenda Beta. For anyone, whether a new registration or an existing one, we have a special code that you can add to your GA Beta profile. Tomorrow night, Hi-Rez Studios will select 25 people who have this code at random and they'll be shooting guns and flying jet packs in no time.

Instructions from Hi-Rez:

  • Go to www.globalagendagame.com
  • Use referral code "CBT1C-MMORPG" (without the quotes) when registering
  • If you've already registered, simply log into "My Account", then go to the Beta Registration tab and update your Referal Code registration"CBT1C-MMORPG"
  • The winners will be selected from the pool of persons that update their registration with the referral code prior to 9:00 PM on Thursday October 1.

If you win, you'll receive an Beta Key from Hi-Rez on Thursday evening.


Dana Massey