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City of Heroes and City of Villains Holiday Exclusive!

Exclusive screenshots and information from Crytpic Studios

Cryptic Studios has passed along some exclusive information to MMORPG.com regarding some holday-content they're launching tomorrow. Below you can find information on the new contact for these quests (including three images to help you find him) and what this content will mean. We also have an exclusive image of the holiday jetpack in action:

Already, Miss Liberty and Black Scorpion have given out shiny jetpacks – the skies are filled with skyrocketing heroes and villains zipping around with their temporary powers.

The next stage of the event will be happening very soon – villains from the Rogue Isles will creep towards Paragon City to attempt to embarrass Statesman and ruin the holidays. Can the heroes foil the nefarious plan?

We have exclusive screenshots of the City of Heroes contact, Agent Wallace. Agent Wallace will help heroes counter Lord Recluse’s Operation Scrooge by sending them on a special mission to the Rogue Isles.

Images of the contact "Agent Wallace"

Heroes and villains will enter each other’s territory and battle for control of the holidays. Be sure to check it out before January 2nd!

Official information about the holiday events can be found here.

Thanks to Cryptic Studios and NCSoft for sending this information our way.

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