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Earth Eternal Returns!

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Earth Eternal finally returns: Join the beta! Outblaze and TurnOut Ventures proudly announce the return of Earth Eternal to the US this summer. Revamped, revived, and under new ownership, Earth Eternal is about to start an Open Beta test. Within the next few weeks, players will be able to beta-test the new and improved Earth Eternal. Join the epic adventure set in our planet’s remote future at www.eartheternal.com!

What is Earth Eternal? Earth Eternal is a Free-to-Play 3D MMORPG from Outblaze and TurnOut Ventures. Players create a character to explore a post-apocalyptic world by choosing from 12 races and 4 basic classes. You can cross-class freely and choose from over 50 skills for ultimate control over your character. Adventure through a dangerous post-humanity Europe torn apart by ancient magic and war!

Beta Beta phase is a crucial time in game development when the developer opens the game to the public to discover and fix problems before the actual launch of a game. All character data will be wiped at the end of beta (before the launch of the game) but this is a great opportunity to explore, learn the game and, if you are a returning player, find out what’s changed since the previous version of Earth Eternal.  

So what’s changed from the previous version? Veteran players will discover all-new player character models, a revamped Earthrise zone, a new level cap of 50, all-new dungeons, improved graphics, a new lobby system that helps you connect with your friends, a new sidekick system that allows you to help your friends level with you, and much more! There are many changes, but anyone who has played Earth Eternal in the past should find the experience familiar. What about old character data from the previous Earth Eternal? Owing to technical constraints, old character data could not be migrated to the new and improved Earth Eternal. This means that all players start the game from scratch. With the new content and changes to the game, however, even past players will find it worthwhile to create a new character and roam among the scattered remnants of humanity in Earth’s distant future.  

How do I get started? Simply go to www.eartheternal.com and follow the instructions to install and play the game. You will need a Facebook account to sign in, however please note that (unlike previous versions of the game) the new Earth Eternal is not browser-based, but uses its own game client.


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