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Black Desert Online's PC Seventh Anniversary After Party Kicks Off As Mobile Gets A New Trailer

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Black Desert Online's seventh anniversary celebration has been ongoing this month, and the after party has been kicked off by developer Pearl Abyss today. The after party sees login rewards, XP boosts and more. Additionally, Black Desert Mobile is getting another class, its flame-wielding Igneous Wizard class, and have dropped a new trailer.

First the seventh anniversary after party. Black Desert is no stranger to large XP boosts and item giveaways - and while the party celebrating Pearl Abyss' MMO is starting to wane, the developers are still making sure players have something to celebrate.

As such, players can earn up to 490 Cron Stones by logging in for seven days straight during the event, which runs from March 16th through the 29th of this month. Additionally, players will be treated to extended XP boosts, with 700% combat experience, and 70% boosts to Skill, Life Skill experience as well as item drop rates. This only runs through March 27th, so players who want to take advantage and level that next alt, or just drive gains for their life skills will need to log in - and maybe collect some Cron Stones along the way.

Meanwhile, Black Desert Mobile is launching its upcoming Igneous wizard class, and Pearl Abyss dropped a new trailer showing it off. The new class was given the gameplay trailer treatment, showing off the elemental powers of the Igneous, bringing his slow, yet powerful attacks to bear.

You can check out the trailers in the embed below. Black Desert Mobile recently launched on a new platform earlier this month, giving MacOS users a chance to hop in and play, provided they have a supported Mac model of course. As for the mainline Black Desert, it aims to be a big year already, with the upcoming Land of the Morning Light coming to the West later this year. 


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