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Ark II Announced - But This Time with Diesel. Vin Diesel.

How Many Vin Diesels Does it Take to Kill a Dinosaur?

Steven Weber Updated: Posted:
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Sometimes, you can’t get enough dinosaurs, as Ark: Survival Evovled developer Studio Wildcard taught us with the announcement of Ark II. That isn’t the only thing that players will get more of, it also seems, by the trailer, that Ark II will have plenty of Vin Diesel, as he steps into the role of Santiago.

The trailer was rendered with in-game assets which intends to show that the game itself will look glorious, and far above what Ark: Survival Evolved has achieved.

You can watch the entirety of the video from the game awards below.

The game is set to follow the story of an evolutionary journey of mankind, though it seems to be quite an advanced Turok-esque journey based on the trailer. On a scale from Dinosaurs to Vin Diesel, how excited are you for Ark II?


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