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Lost Atlantis Expansion Interview

By Joe Iuliani on November 06, 2008 | Interviews | Comments

Lost Atlantis Expansion Interview

Why the decision to use Atlantis as a vehicle for the expansion?

Angels Online:

It’s well known that Angels Online ( is a cute MMORPG. From the very beginning until the last version “Eden”, the game style and the graphics were always popular with players.

When we began to design a new expansion, we paid attention to the ocean scenes because Angels Online ( hasn’t had anything like that before. With the blue cartoon style, the new expansion has been developed around an underwater world. It has lots of unique new characteristics while also following the former versions as well.

Angels Online Screenshot

The background story is designed around the lost kingdom of Atlantis and it perfectly matches the new expansion’s features. Now I’d like to say a little more about this mysterious story.

Long ago, there was a mystical kingdom called Atlantis located to the west of the beautiful city of Eden. Generations of Angels lived and worked there in peace. However, the peace was overwhelmed by the ferocity of war. After the war, Atlantis was torn from the land and sunk beneath the waves. Even after this tragedy the people of Eden sought peace.

Recently, scientists from the Iron Castle Exploration Association have found the exact location of Atlantis. The first cooperation among four factions in history was created. They have created a great exploration ship, Habosen, and planned to go to Atlantis. While Angels all over Eden cheered their bravery and hoped for the best, evil shadows gathered under the water.


How do you feel that raising the maximum character level will impact Angels Online as a whole?

Angels Online:

Hmm…The highest character level in the new expansion is 100. The game will be more balanced if the average characters level can be enhanced. Meanwhile, players can enjoy more fun offered by new systems. It is very important for us to attract more online players.

Most instances in Angels Online ( were designed for high-level players. Only when their characters and their equipment reach a high level can players enter the instances to challenge powerful BOSSes and then obtain super equipment by defeating them.

The PVP system (the Totem Battle and the Holy Battlefield) in Angels Online ( requires players to work hard and level up; otherwise, lower level players are unable to compete in the PVP system and may lose confidence.

As important features of Angels Online (, rides and pets will be enhanced when the characters level is enhanced. Depending on how hard players’ work to evolve their rides and pets depends on how good these pets and rides will be. For those that need a little extra help leveling up, we have our always helpful Angel Baby system.

Are you worried that the higher level cap may keep new players from joining Angels Online?

Angels Online:

Angels Online Screenshot

I don’t see this as a problem at all. The new upper limit for characters is Level 100. Although it is a challenge, the Angel Baby in game can help players level up fast. More than that, the Holy Battlefield system in the new expansion offers all players a chance to obtain abundant exp. A player may enhance his character Level by 10 if he is the winner in Holy Battlefield. In a word, players can level up fast if they actively take part in our online events.

Many new players will join Angels Online ( after the release of the new expansion. Apart from Angel Baby, we have created a Master and Apprentice system ( which eases the inconsistency that results from large level gaps.

In addition, we will be holding a series of events to help players level up fast. For example, we can help them defeat BOSSes and finish quests. We believe that each player should feel comfortable after they enter and start playing our game.

What level of character personalization can be expected in the Lost Atlantis?

Angels Online:

In the new expansion “The Lost Atlantis”, each class possesses new spells. Careful players may find that their movement speed has been quickened. We also offer players new hairstyles and complexions. Players can change their shapes with the help of Hair Dye and other items.

Can you describe the use of the Gleaming Weapons a little more in depth?

Angels Online:

Angels Online Screenshot

Sure. The Gleaming Weapon system offers super weapons with added attributes. Appointed super weapons will gleam. Different attributes are relative with different colors. For example, the fire attribute is red, the frost one is white, the thunder one is blue and the rotten one is green.

After the release of the new expansion, weapons in Angels Online ( have brand new shapes. The super weapons are different from ordinary ones. More than that, super weapons can gleam with power.

Different classes possess their own unique super weapons. Players can obtain a super weapon after they defeat the powerful BOSSes in the instances.

Will existing Angels Online enemies, be given the same enhanced statistics as their Eden counterparts?

Angels Online:

There will be a number of new monsters and BOSSes after the release of the new expansion and new scenes. Only by leveling up fast can players defeat them. Pay attention! It is better for players to organize a team if they would like to challenge the BOSSes in the instances.

For example, the new monster “Angel Fish” possesses powerful spell attack abilities while also being able to restore HP by itself. It’s like a mix of an Earth Mage and a Chaos Mage. Most monsters in the new expansion are class mixes, like Mages and Swordsmen. Players should enhance their attack abilities and defensive abilities.

Sallen, the BOSS in the new instance is good at both long-range attacks and melee. If a team’s Main Tank is unable to do much damage to the BOSS, the whole team may be killed sooner or later by the BOSS’s AOE skill.

It is more difficult to defeat these new monsters and new BOSSes. More than that, players are unable to sit still while fighting with the BOSSes. They should move and try out new strategies. Only with cooperation among teammates can players defeat these powerful enemies.

Can you explain the Card Collection system a little more in depth?

Angels Online:

Angels Online Screenshot

I love your question. Well, Card Collection is a new system which contains thousands of cards. Players may obtain a card by killing monsters. A complete card set contains 4 or 5 cards. According to the prompts on the cards, players can kill corresponding monsters so that they can collect a whole card set.

Stars on the different cards stand for the different card levels. Players can obtain high-level cards by killing high-level monsters.

Players can exchange their complete card sets for rewards (equipment or weapons). They can right click other players to see their cards as well.

Will the Card Collection be an integrated part of the game, or it’s own unique material?

Angels Online:

Card Collection is an unattached system in game. After they enter the game, players can click the card icon on the top left corner of the interface to see their cards. They can exchange a complete card set for rewards.

Card Collection offers players more fun. Apart from finishing quests and killing BOSSes, players now can obtain super equipment as well with the help of Card Collection. It is good for players who would like to play the game alone. However, it is difficult to collect high-level cards. Be patient! The rewards are abundant!

It appears that the in-game senior pets’ appearance changes only up to level 55, any plans for increased appearance changes?

Angels Online:

Pets will become Advanced Pets with new skills and more powerful attack abilities after they reach level 55. In future expansions, we may plan to change their appearances.

Will the Lost Atlantis items be utilized in the original Angels Online zones?

Angels Online:

Yes, of course. There is no conflict between the Lost Atlantis and the former version “Eden”. We have strictly tested the new expansion before it was released. Items are useable in both versions and players can wander freely without worry.

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