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Thunder Of Victory Update Is Now Live

Catherine Daro Posted:
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My.com and the Allods Team have announced the deployment of the "Thunder of Victory" update for Allods Online. The patch includes the Arena of Heroes, new Allods, new Wild Shore and 3v3, 6v6 rated combat. Rated combats and arena battles will feature leaderboards and tournament play. 

The combat rules are simple: two teams enter the arena and battle to the death. The first team to defeat all their opponents wins, earning rating points and rewards for all members of the winning team. If the battle duration exceeds 20 minutes, the match ends in a draw - with no rewards.

To join rated combat - which is available at any time of the day - you'll need to assemble a team of level 65 characters through the Group Search interface.

You can read the full announcement at the Allods Online official site.


Catherine Daro