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Allods Team | Official Site
MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 02/16/10)  | Pub:Mail.Ru Games
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download | Retail Price:Free | Pay Type:Free | Monthly Fee:Free
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Introductory Interview

By Garrett Fuller on December 07, 2009 | Interviews | Comments

Introductory Interview

Talk about the history of Allods Online. How did developing the game start?

Vincent Douvier:

The overall history of the Allods world began in the mid-90s when the game Rage of Mages was released. In Russia the game was known as Allods: Sealed Mystery. It was Nival's first project and also one of the biggest successes in the Russian game development industry.

During the following years several games based on the Allods universe were released. Finally, the developers were ready to make the online game they had always wanted to create and to see players having fun and evolving in it. One day, during a meeting involving veterans of the Nival game development team, the concept of this future MMORPG began. It was in July 2006. Following this meeting, the company started to assemble a team for the Allods Online project. In the first year, the Allods Online team was composed of twenty members, most of whom worked on previous games from the Allods series but also from the core development team of Heroes of Might and Magic 5. In April 2007, the first playable version was ready.

This was a first step in the creation of Allods Online. Since then many stages have passed and much of the content and game features reworked.

Players will finally see and appreciate the result of three and a half years of development.


The game is about to enter Closed Beta 2, what type of feedback have you gotten from players?

Vincent Douvier:

The game entered Closed Beta Test 2 in North America at on the 1st of December, and the European CBT2 is imminent at The feedback has been very constructive all along for every aspect of the game. We are lucky to have such dedicated players who are willing to provide us with quality feedback throughout this process. Players will see that some of their suggestions were taken into account in the upcoming patches and CBT milestones. We are very grateful for the dedication and involvement of our Beta Testers.

Give us some back story on the Allods lore. The game has some interesting designs to it.

Vincent Douvier:

The Allods Online universe is a unique interpretation of Russian history and folklore set in a post apocalyptic dystopia. Of course, homage has been paid to the standard swords and sorcery motifs of the genre, but the Allods Online design team has also seamlessly blended these fantastical elements with those of Science Fiction. With many modern and popular culture allusions peppering the dialogue, the Allods Online universe is rich and complex, with a little of something for everyone to enjoy.

After the destruction of the planet Sarnaut, the warring factions brought their conflict to the Astral, where players will join in from the very first moment of game play. They will eventually venture into the Astral on their own terms, with their own allies gathered on their own ships, to obliterate any enemy who would stand in their way. With such a delicate mix of genres and over 12 years of rich storyline to immerse themselves in, players will have no trouble delving into the world of Allods Online.

How will the game launch in Europe, the U.S?

Vincent Douvier:

Allods Online is published by Gala Networks Europe all over Europe on in 3 languages to start with: English, German and French. It is published in English in North America by Gala-Net at

The American and the European services are distinct and the game itself may have some differences between the two continents.

For CBT, as well as for OBT and the release of the game, we do provide dedicated realms for each language, as well as in-house Customer Support and Community Management.

The European and North American Open Beta Test will be launched simultaneously in early 2010.

How do the two factions in Allods work against each other? What can players do to fight it out?

Vincent Douvier:

Allods Online offers more than your standard Player versus Player combat. Players can enjoy land based PvP throughout the allods, arena style combat for same faction dueling, sports style competitions through Goblin-O-Ball, as well as the unique Astral ship combat. Used to travel between the allods and explore the deep Astral, these ships have been outfitted with cannons, shields, and repair crews. Akin to space or under-water movement, ships must be controlled by multiple players to fight efficiently in this 3-D realm, those crafty enough can even use the Astral environment to their advantage.

Using the combat Glory and Victory system, rewards are given and special items become available to players who are active in the war against the opposing faction. Quests and Raids will help to put factions at odds, as well as the ever present danger of Astral Demons! In addition to gaining combat Glory and Victory points, a game of Goblin-O-Ball can be enjoyed by sports teams and spectators alike. Teams may compete against the same or opposite faction, without death as a risk factor. Although much like football your team must chase down a Goblin, the unwilling ball for these events.


Can you talk about the crafting skills in Allods? Players have seen the classes, but they may not know much about the crafting options they have.

Vincent Douvier:

Crafting is unique in two ways. First there are mini-games to help determine the outcome of your crafting success. Second, there is good old Lady Luck to consider. Recipes will include the reagents needed to craft an item, but the end result may change based on chance... some would say luck.

Anyone has a chance to produce something better, worse, or just different, on every crafting attempt. Some of the items may have funny or even beneficial outcomes, so don't throw it away just because it's not exactly what you wanted. Although there will be ways to have more crafting skills at the same time, the auction system will be very useful for many looking for a few bits and bobs.

What will the item mall be like in the game? Will items impact game play?

Vincent Douvier:

Allods Online was developed by Astrum Nival from the very early stages to be Free to Play. Hence, the Allods Shop was not a layer added later in the game. There was a team from the beginning of development in charge of taking care of the shop, and to make sure that it would not alter game play.

Astrum Nival is the leading developer of Free to Play MMORPGs in Russia as well as the leading publisher of Free to Play MMORPG games. Gala Networks Europe is the leading publisher of Free to Play MMORPGs in Europe. With the experience of those two companies in the field, players can rest assured; the Allods Shop will be fine-tuned to its best.

Can we have some insight on the sky ships in the game. Will players ever be commanding their own sky ships?

Vincent Douvier:

Astral Ships ... I could talk for hours about them ? Here is a small description, but I will not go into much detail, so as to not spoil the high level content. When players reach level 35 a quest chain opens allowing them to build their own Astral ship. Yes, every single player can have and build their own Astral ship, just like a floating home. Onboard with friends, exploring the Astral, raiding, group challenges, and even fighting Astral demons. Players can also choose to be pirates and live on the edge.

Let's say you have built your own Astral ship, you go in the Astral with a group of friends and discover an allod where you kill a boss mob. You will not be able to split the loot from the allod, you must get back to your pier where a specific NPC can open the treasure.

So, you are with your group on the ship, happy with what you have achieved, but carrying your ph4t loot to your base. That is when a unique part of game play enters into action: Piracy!

Other players may have decided to live as pirates and will attack you to steal your precious loot. To that end, they will board your ship, which will become a PvP area, and you will have to protect your loot or lose it to the pirates. Attack, defend, loot or plunder!

What end game scenarios do you have planned for Allods?

Vincent Douvier:

The end game scenario is not something that I am going to divulge right now. The overall story is one of the most fascinating features of Allods Online. If I were to disclose any secrets before the launch of the game, our players might start to lose some interest in the game and I do not wish that. At release Allods Online offers over 1500 quests in which players will be able to discover what happened to the planet and what's at risk.

All I could tell you right now is that the overall storyline does not end in the presented content. The storyline has been worked on for over a decade, it started with the series Rage of Mages in the mid 90s, and Allods Online is the fourth opus, fully online as a MMORPG. No one knows how many allods arose in this universe after the Great Cataclysm, and exploration in the Astral will constantly open new allods and archipelagos with a continuous storyline and new mysteries.

What is your favorite part of the game?

Vincent Douvier:

There are many great parts to consider, Goblin-O-Ball, PvP action throughout the game, the Astral Demons, and the in depth history are all great aspects of Allods Online. Overall, I really love the freedom a player is given from the very start.

You have many quests to help you learn the ropes and progress through the various allods (over 1500 at release), but if you want to just explore or try your luck at more difficult areas, you are able to. As one progresses through the game and gains access to the Astral, the real potential of Allods Online is presented. Travelling throughout the deep Astral, raiding Astral Demons, and watching out for possible pirates all adds to the excitement as well as the storyline... with much more to come.

On my private account I will definitely be a pirate!

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