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Quest for Chests Giveaway

The Allods Online team, along with publisher gPotato, has announced the Quest for Chests $50,000 Giveaway event. Every player who logs into the game and plays for an hour will be given a key which may unlock a prize-filled chest. Prizes include things such as iPod Nano, a home theater system, Nintendo DSi and more.

In Defense of v1.1.0

The Allods Online team has posted a response to the vociferous commentary raging all over the web in reaction to the v1.1.0 patch implemented recently. Players have been very vocal about the fact that they feel Allods has become a 'pay to win' type game. In the v1.1.0 patch, several potions were added to the cash shop that eliminate penalties and item curses incurred in a variety of ways.

Revelations of Gipat Arrives July 7

Allods Online devs will officially expand on July 7th with the launch of Volume I: Revelations of Gipat. To celebrate the launch, developers have compiled a variety of guides covering a wide range of new aspects in the game.

Revelations of Gipat Update FAQ Released

gPotato has released an official FAQ for the upcoming Revelations of Gipat update to Allods Online.

Gipat Goes Live July 7th, Replaces Fear of Death

gPotato has announced that patch 1.1 "Revelations of Gipat" for Allods Online will be going live on July 7th, and along with its many features and changes, is some significant news on the often controversial Fear of Death mechanic's front. Significant how, you ask? It's going away.

Additional Revelations of Gipat Features Announced

gPotato has announced several additional new features that are to be introduced to Allods Online with the upcoming Revelations of Gipat update.

"Where in the World is Camile de Desirae?" Event Announced

Camile de Desirae and her flunkies in the guild M.E.A.N. are looking to snag Yasker's jewel encrusted pipe and intrepid players will be tasked with providing photographic evidence of Desire and her flunkies' locations as part of a new "Where in the World is Camile de Desirae?" event that will begin tomorrow, June 11 at 3PM PST.

Mounts Announced for Patch 1.1.0: Revelations of Gipat

gPotato has announced that mounts will be coming to Allods Online with the release of Patch 1.1.0 this June.

Patch 06: Edge of the Astral Announced, Patch Notes Released

The folks at Gala-Net have announced that Patch 06: Edge of the Astral will be hitting Allods Online live servers in the near future. Edge of the Astral features improved chat and raid functionality, new raid content in the form of War'kaz the Mindreaver who lurks in Gorluxor's Tower, and the Arena of Death, a new free-for-all coliseum located in the Yasez Shard.

Dev Diary: What Does the Allods Team Do?

A new dev diary describing the Allods Online team's day to day process aptly titled "What does the Allods Team do?" is now available on the official Allods Online website. In addition to describing the team's daily process, the diary also clarifies the difference between Gala-Net who are the publishers of Allods Online, and Astrum Nival who are the actual developers of the game.

Official Trailer Released

Looking to celebrate the success of the Allods Online Open Beta test, gPotato has released an official trailer for their free-to-play MMORPG Allods Online.

New: Game Database!

MMORPG.com is pleased to present a new feature at our ever expanding website - the Allods Online game DB! We have partnered with Playata to bring our Allods fans an up to date game database for this title. If our community like this new addition we will look forward to adding more games in the future!

Revised Item Shop Prices Unveiled

Earlier this week gPotato announced that they would be addressing player concerns over item shop prices by introducing a new revised item shop later in the week. The new item shop prices are now available, and they appear to be pretty reasonable.

gPotato to Release Revised Item Shop

The folks at gPotato have stepped up to the plate, addressing the firestorm resultant from what players felt were exorbitant item shop prices when the Allods Online item shop was finally unveiled. To that end, gPotato has announced that a revised item shop will be implemented sometime this week, with restructured pricing based on constructive criticism provided by players throughout the ordeal.

Open Beta Impressions 2

Today, MMORPG.com writer Bill Murphy continues his look at the Open Beta of the Russian-made MMORPG, Allods Online.