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Allods Online Articles

Undaunted Update Coming October 11th

GalaNet has announced that the next Allods Online update will officially launch in North America and Europe on October 11th.

New Content & a Smoother Leveling Curve

Both North American and European Allods Online players will see some significant changes to the leveling curve with the October update. New content will also be added to the game as well as new 24/7 PvP arena action.

Patch 2.0.04: Rise of the Gods Has Gone Live!

The Gala-Net team is pleased to announce that the latest patch update for Allods Online, 2.0.04, went live today. With it, the patch brings the reincarnation system allowing a high level character to create an alt sharing Item Shop items, new zones for the high level players and more!

Astral Odyssey Patch Deployed

Gala-Net has announced that the v2.0.02 patch has officially arrived for Allods Online. The new patch brings several key changes to the game including a level cap increase, new mounts, new vanity items, new allods to explore, draconic and refining weapons features added and more. New players to Allods Online will also receive an awesome gift package.

Patch Going Live Tuesday - Full List of Features

Allods Online has a new, big patch just around the corner. On Tuesday, April 26th, Patch goes live and the Allods team is more than happy to lay out all of the features of the forthcoming patch. Check out the details and let us know what you think.

Patch 2.0.02 Preview: Bonus Features!

With the new patch coming later this month, the team over at Allods have unveiled a few more tidbits of information regarding the bonus features that will be headed our way when the patch drops. Check out the details.

Major Update Coming April 26th

Gala-Net has announced that Patch 2.0.02: Astral Odyssey will launch on April 26th. The level cap will rise to 47 and new end-game content is scheduled to be added in the form of six new allods. The date will also mark the end of the open beta phase of development.

Patch 2.0.02 Preview: Isle of Revelation and Rune Mechanics

The team over at Allods Online have released another preview for their upcoming patch that looks at the Isle of Revelation, one of the upcoming new zones, and a revamping of their Rune mechanics.

Holy Charms Are Free

The Allods Online team announced at this week's GDC that Holy Charms are now free in the Item Shop. Additionally, there is no limit to the number of charms that players can purchase.

An In-Game New Year's Celebration

The Allods Online team has let us know that they've got big plans for Thursday, December 30th in the form of fireworks gifts for players and a grand display for those who attend. The event will take place in the following locations: League: Novograd Port, Empire: South of Yasker's Tower.

Expansion to Launch December 14th

The Allods Online team has announced that the Fury of War expansion is set to deploy on December 14th. To celebrate the announcement, Astrum-Nival has released a pair of videos. One features Melting Isle and the other Junes Catacombs. In addition, the team announced several character classes will undergo changes as part of the update, all players will receive the 'Droplet of Death' - an item that allows a character to reset all talents and rubies as many times as they wish for 48 hours.

The Fury of War Coming in December

The Allods Online team has announced that the newest expansion, Episode 3: The Fury of War, will be arriving by the end of December. The expansion will include two new zones to enhance the PvP experience and a new guild leveling system.

Daily Quests Added

With the latest update, Allods Online players will have the ability to complete daily quests for some of the most valuable Cash Shop items as a reward. One quest, for instance, is called "Regular Customers" and its completion will yield: One Scroll of Knowledge and one Incense.

Rise of Gorluxor Coming Tomorrow

Allods Online will have new content and a new raid boss to battle in the upcoming Rise of Gorluxor content expansion. Rise of Gorluxor is set to hit servers on October 5th. The content expansion will also feature fixes, new features, quests and more.

Goblin-o-Ball Trailer

Allods Online devs have created and released a new 'real life' look at their favorite in-game activity, Goblin-o-Ball. In Goblin-o-Ball, a fiesty (and armored) goblin takes the place of a ball in this soccer-esque sport. Check it out!