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Mentoring & Free For All Treasure Hunting

gPotato has announced that the next major EU version of Allods Online update will include a mentoring system. The update will also feature a new zone in astral space that will be considered a "free for all" treasure hunting space.

GDC 2012 Preview

During the Game Developer's Conference, we caught up with the Allods Online team to talk about the "Overture of the Damned" update. Overture of the Damned is, according to gPotato, the most ambitious expansion to the game ever. See what we discovered.

SOTW: Allods Online Edition Winner's Announcement!

We've pored over your many awesome Allods Online screenshots for this week's "Screenshot of the Week," and today we're excited to announce the winning entry!

Screenshot of the Week: Allods Online Edition!

Everyone loves to take screenshots of their favorite games, and we want you to share them with us and the rest of the MMORPG.com community! To that end, we're back with our latest Screenshot of the Week feature, and we're looking to give out some cool swag. This week, we'll be focusing on Allods Online screenshots.

Game of Gods Launches

Allods Online has, according to developers, reached a new era with the deployment of the Game of Gods expansion. Game of Gods brings a plethora of new features and content into Allods including new zones, enhanced content and reworked systems. Game of Gods also includes the new Bard archetype, a new PvP skirmish zone and the new endgame Dead City raid.

Game of Gods Launching February 15th

gPotato and the Allods Online team have announced that the Game of Gods expansion will launch on February 15th. The expansion features tons of new features including 12v12 skirmishes and the new Dead City raid.

Game of the Gods Expansion Coming in February

gPotato has announced that a gigantic expansion is set to hit North American and European Allods Online servers in February. Called "Game of the Gods", developers say the expansion includes over a year's worth of content.

Undaunted Update Deployed

Allods Online players in both the EU and NA will have the opportunity to log in and check out the new "Undaunted" content update that brings several key features on board.

Undaunted Update Coming October 11th

GalaNet has announced that the next Allods Online update will officially launch in North America and Europe on October 11th.

New Content & a Smoother Leveling Curve

Both North American and European Allods Online players will see some significant changes to the leveling curve with the October update. New content will also be added to the game as well as new 24/7 PvP arena action.

Our Official Review - Traveling in Astral Space

In our latest review here at MMORPG.com, CatMo takes a look at Allods Online. Allods was one of those games a couple years ago that was so filled with potential that people took notice. See how Allods Online fares with CatMo and then let us know of your experiences in game in the comments.

Patch 2.0.04: Rise of the Gods Has Gone Live!

The Gala-Net team is pleased to announce that the latest patch update for Allods Online, 2.0.04, went live today. With it, the patch brings the reincarnation system allowing a high level character to create an alt sharing Item Shop items, new zones for the high level players and more!

Astral Odyssey Patch Deployed

Gala-Net has announced that the v2.0.02 patch has officially arrived for Allods Online. The new patch brings several key changes to the game including a level cap increase, new mounts, new vanity items, new allods to explore, draconic and refining weapons features added and more. New players to Allods Online will also receive an awesome gift package.

Patch Going Live Tuesday - Full List of Features

Allods Online has a new, big patch just around the corner. On Tuesday, April 26th, Patch goes live and the Allods team is more than happy to lay out all of the features of the forthcoming patch. Check out the details and let us know what you think.

Patch 2.0.02 Preview: Bonus Features!

With the new patch coming later this month, the team over at Allods have unveiled a few more tidbits of information regarding the bonus features that will be headed our way when the patch drops. Check out the details.