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Allods Online Articles

Allods Online Update 11.0 Previewed

Update 11.0 for Allods Online has been previewed by the team.

Albion Online Details Zerg Mechanics in New Guide

A new guide to Zerg mechanics was outlined for Albion Online touching on player slots, queues, and more.

Albion Online Checks out PvP Zone The New Outlands

A new Albion Online video showcases the New Outlands, with in depth changes coming in the next update.

Ascension Trailer Provides a Peek at the Forthcoming Content Update

When Allods Online is updated with Ascension, players will have a lot of new content to explore including the Al Rihat Ruins that contains repeatable quests. The team has released a new trailer to show off these, and other features, coming with the Ascension update, so hop through and check it out.

Creation Trailer Sets the Stage for Latest Update

Allods Online was updated earlier this week with the Creation patch. It brings a number of new features and content into the game including artifacts, the Gladiator Games, Pegasus mounts, the Minotaur's Labyrinth and much more.

Immortality Update to Go Live Today

Allods Online servers are currently offline as the v8.0 Immortality update is deployed. The patch brings the Aoidoi race into the game as well as a new raid adventure, a journey back to the Planar Rim, the new political system goes into play, the Trial of Blood, new Astral Allods and Time Distortions and much more.

Eighth Playable Race Coming in "Immortality" Update

When Allods Online is updated to v8.0 "Immortality", players will have a new race to play called the Aed. Aeds have innate Psionic abilities that allow them to trade places with enemies as long as they are within line of sight.

Blazing Skies Update to be Deployed October 13th

Allods Online will be coming down for maintenance in the early hours of October 13th to deploy the Blazing Skies update. The content expansion brings a lot of great new features to explore including a smoother path to join in raid adventures for single players through the implementation of Raid Search.

Unconquered Summit to be Introduced in the Coming Weeks

The Allods Online team has posted the first information about the next game update called "Unconquered Summit" that will take players along a journey to solve a series of murders in Iron and Shore Cities.

Special One Day Task Force Event Begins

Allods Online players around the world are working furiously today to score 1,000 Global points to earn a bevy of interesting rewards for their participation. Called the Task Force event, players are charged with completing a variety of tasks to score both personal and global points for their servers.

7.0 'New Order' - Trailer

7.0 "New Order" revamps every class in Allods, offers a new equipment system, provides brand new content, and much more – now live! http://goo.gl/W0k5Ae

Update 7.0 to Feature Alternative Ways to Gear Up

The Allods Online site has been updated with a preview of Update 7.2: New Order. In the forthcoming content expansion, four new Astral allods and six single-player adventures called "Distortions" will be unlocked, each providing players with different paths to gear up their characters.

Thunder Of Victory Update Is Now Live

My.com and the Allods Team have announced the deployment of the "Thunder of Victory" update for Allods Online. The patch includes the Arena of Heroes, new Allods, new Wild Shore and 3v3, 6v6 rated combat. Rated combats and arena battles will feature leaderboards and tournament play.

6.0.1 "Brothers in Arms" Trailer

New Priden classes, "Time Void" dungeon generator and multi-mode cross-faction PvP via the "Battle for Cargallas" await you in the 6.0.1 update: Brothers in Arms!

Steam Greenlight Campaign Successfully Completed

A small note has been placed on the Allods Online site to thank the community for its support of the recent Steam Greenlight campaign. Thanks to nearly "yes" votes, Allods will be brought to Steam in near future.