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Beau Chats with the Team, Plays the Game!

Join Beau as he checks back into Alganon and chats with community members Padreic and Parilis and checks up to see how the game has been doing.

Rise of the Ourobani Expansion Goes Live

Alganon players will want to head over to the official site to check out the details about the Rise of the Ourobani expansion. Ourobani brings a new race, a new class, flying mounts, a new continent and more into the game.

A First Look at  Rise of the Ourobani

Finally, Alganon fans can look forward to the expansion’s release on January 28th, and the team at Quest Online invited us to take a peek at the expansion and learn more about what players can expect to find when they get their hands on it later this month.

Alganon The Comic Book Coming Soon

Quest Online and DC Entertainment have teamed up to announce Alganon: Fall of the Ourobani, a comic book revealing the series of events leading to Rise of the Ourobani, the upcoming expansion pack for the game.

Rise Of The Ourobani Expansion Announced

Quest Online has announced a new expansion for Alganon is currently in development and scheduled for release by the end of 2011. Quest Online also announced new European servers for Alganon, two third-party developed games based on Alganon's world and a partnership with DC Comics to publish an Alganon comic.

Dev Blog Debuts

The official Alganon dev blog has debuted with the first post by Quest Online's Derek Smart. The post goes over the details of Smart's first year with the company and the changes to Alganon since then. The blog dovetails with the recently announced media blitz that devs are hoping bring more players to a revitalized Alganon.

PvP Arriving Soon

Quest Online developers have announced that PvP game play will go live in three phases in Alganon, the company's flagship MMO. Phase I incorporates dueling and open world PvP and will roll out this month. Phase II, Towers & Keeps, will arrive prior to the end of the year. Phase III, Battlegrounds, will arrive in 2011. To celebrate the arrival of PvP combat, free item codes will be given away in the December 7th issue of PC Gamer and in other print venues.

Going Free to Play

Showing no sign of friggatriskaidekaphobia (from Greek frigga meaning "Friday", tris meaning "3," kai meaning "and," and deka meaning "10"), The Alganon development team has announced that the game will be going free to play on Friday, August 13th. Players who purchased the game client previously, will have access to all of the service add-ons and players who have played the demo/trial version in the past can purchase the add-ons.

N3rfed Blog: John Smedley's Never Been to New Orleans

We recently reported on an issue of potential plagiarism with regards to Quest Online's marketing for Alganon. The content in question was a press release issued to announce the re-launch of Alganon, which read quite similarly to a press release issued in 2008 for BioWare's Star Wars: The Old Republic, prompting Derek Smart to respond and provide his take on the situation. It appears, perhaps, that not everything adds up.

Plagiarizing Star Wars: The Old Republic?

We recently reported on the re-launch of Alganon, which was undertaken to, among other things, reduce the similarities between Alganon and World of Warcraft, starting first with the game's UI. However, according to the folks at Kill Ten Rats, Quest Online is now copying other things -- press releases. Namely, a press release for Star Wars: The Old Republic issued in 2008.

Quest Online Announces Official Re-Launch

Alganon 2.0 has officially launched according to an announcement released by the game's developer Quest Online.

New Features Announced for April Launch

The feature list for Alganon's re-launch on April 28th are now available on the incredibly sparse transitional official Alganon website.

New Look Screenshots, Logo

Quest Online has released images of Alganon's new logo as well as new screenshots of the game's freshened up new look.

Derek Smart Interview

MMORPG.com's Garrett Fuller recently spoke with Quest Online's Derek Smart about the new direction that the game has taken since his arrival.

A New Look For the "New" Alganon

When the folks from Quest Online asked us to take another look at Alganon because of the recent changes that it has undergone, we sent the original reviewer Jaime Skelton back into the game for another look around.