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Lancelot Mid-Season Patch Brings Respec, GvG Training Battles & More

The latest Albion Online dev talk has been released alongside the Lancelot Mid-Season update. Players and fans can learn more about GvG balance changes, GvG training battles, the new re-spec option and combat balance changes.

Prepare to Get Hooked When Fishing Arrives on March 12th

When the Lancelot update for Albion Online launches on March 12th, players will be able to take part in the new fishing feature. In a new video dev diary, Game Director Robin Henkys talks about the fun fishing brings to the game as well as how products from fishing will be "integrated into Albion's economy and create interesting economic choices".

Kay Update Goes Live with Robust PvP Additions

Albion Online has been updated with the large "Kay" update that brings a number of Guild vs Guild battle changes and much more to the game. To provide an introduction to Kay, Sandbox Interactive has release this new launch trailer.

Joseph Update Arrives Next Week - Check Out This Trailer

Albion Online will be getting a big new update next week when the Joseph patch arrives. To show off some of what players can expect with Joseph, devs released a new trailer. Most notably, Joseph brings the Arena online that yield tokens that can be used to purchase rewards.

Demonstrable Proof of Zero Tolerance - Catching Gold Sellers

The Albion Online team has posted a great new video showing how they are actively at work to catch gold sellers.

Start Your Journey Video Sets the Stage for Next Week's Launch

With the launch of Albion Online less than a week away, the team is showing off the brand new intro video. It provides a brief overview of the game's lore and sets the stage for players as they embark on their new adventure.

Development Recap (May 19)

The Albion Online team is back with an update to discuss progress being made on the game as it applies to the road map laid out several months ago.

The Artifact System

Learn more about the upcoming Artifact System and Items along with Game Designers Michael Schwahn and Matt Woodward.

Community Q&A May

We collected questions from our playerbase last week. Community Manager Christoph Hombergs had some of them answered.

Creating a New World [SPONSORED]

Learn more about the creation of the upcoming New World, guided by Creative Director Jarg Friedrich, Art Director Marcus Koch and Level Designer Max Mellhage.