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Albion Online Previews Its Upcoming Lands Awakened Update, Coming November 24th

Lands Awakened is slated to hit Albion Online this November 24th, and the team took to the game's website to break down what players can expect from the open-world sandbox MMO.

Albion Online's Call to Arms Patch Live - Patch Notes, Release Trailer Now Available

Albion Online has been hyping their Call to Arms update over the past several weeks, and today, the wait is over. The Call to Arms update will introduce a reworked Faction Warfare System, a new playable faction, and much more.

Albion Online Talks Upcoming Faction Warfare Changes In New DevTalk Video

With the Call to Arms update coming soon for Albion Online, Game Director Robin Henkys took to YouTube to discuss the upcoming changes to Faction Warfare.

Albion Online Dev Talk Talks Call To Arms Update, Featuring Faction Warfare 2.0, Re-Envisioned Hellgates And More

In their latest De Talk, Game Director for Albion Online, Robin Henkys previewed the next major content update for the MMO, Call to Arms.

Albion Devs Talk Season 11 Changes - Overhauls and Balancing Galore

Albion Online has released a video that outlines, in great detail, the changes coming in Season 11 which includes a complete overhaul to the World Boss Raid Zones and introduces the 20v20 Crystal League. That isn't all that players can look forward to in Season 11 either, as combat balancing is also on the agenda.

Albion Devs Talk Hideouts in Latest Video

In the third part of an ongoing Dev Talk featuring the Roads of Avalon in Albion Online, Hideouts are the main topic of conversation. Game Director Robin Henkys goes into detail on all manner of topics, such as how you come to place a Hideout, and the challenges of living in Avalon.

Albion Online Details Roads of Avalon Update In New Developer Blog

Albion Online is back talking about its upcoming Roads of Avalon update with a new Devtalk post on the official site, as well as a video detailing update.

Albion Online Roadmap Q&A - Random Dungeons, PvP & More

The latest Albion Online Q&A with the developers has been posted, this time with Game Director Robin Henkys, Community Lead Emma-Jade Wightman and Combat Designer Michael Schwahn. The trio tackle a number of things that are coming in the near future including randomized dungeons, mob changes, alterations in the new player experience, social additions, and lots about PvP!

Meet the New Bosses Coming with the Faction Warfare System

When the next big Albion Online update launches on July 31st, it will also come with the Faction Warfare system. Each Royal city and biome has its own faction and faction leader. Leaders have unique personalities and quirks "that make them charismatic to their allies...and frightening foes on the battlefield". The leaders are profiles in this latest video by the Albion Online team.

First Details Revealed for Faction Warfare Coming with the Merlyn Update

Sandbox Interactive has published a new video developer diary that reveals the first details of the forthcoming Albion Online Merlyn Update with specific regard to Faction Warfare. This is Part 1 of a multipart series that will reveal more about the Merlyn update.