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Albion Online Gives Development Progress Update

Catching up with the past, looking ahead towards the future!

Garrick Durham-Raley Posted:
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Albion Online Gives Development Progress Update

In a new video, the Game Director for Albion Online updates players on the game's development progress. He recaps some of the biggest updates over the past several months, and details some major features in the next content update.

The video update recapped some of the biggest fixes and improvements from the Queen update that launched in January, then moved on to outlining some of the major features that will be coming in the next update.  One of the biggest features is the addition of Avalonian Weapons. These weapons will have entirely new spells and all-new mechanics, such as the Avalonian Cannon which allows retargeting while the weapon is still firing.

They also detailed Corrupted Dungeons, a new type of solo dungeon, which are like regular dungeons that have been infected, reshaped, and taken over by demons. These dungeons will offer a new dimension of 1v1 PvP, as well as an entirely new one-player PvE experience. Lastly, the next update will feature the 'Roads of Avalon' that will open up "three entirely new ways of playing." These portals will allow for shortcuts through the world, new creatures to fight and resources to exploit, and the opportunity fo for players to "live within the Roads via Hideouts."

There will be a whole mini-series of Dev Talks with more in-depth information about each topic. You can watch the video in its entirety here below:


Garrick Durham-Raley

Garrick is a doting father of two and devoted husband. When he's not busy playing Final Fantasy XIV, he can usually be found drifting between a dozen different MMOs. His favorite game of all time is Diablo II and he is unironically excited for Diablo Immortal.