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Albion Online Articles

Albion Online Patch Brings Update to Corrupted Dungeon Mobs

A new Albion Online patch has brought some changes to Corrupted Dungeon mobs in addition to some combat balance changes.

Launch Day & Beyond - Our Exclusive Interview with Stefan Wiezorek

Albion Online's release has been a long time coming. Beta seemed to go on forever as Sandbox Interactive refined and retooled the game based on its founders' feedback. Now, launch is upon us. Today, we talk to the team and find out what the future holds.

From F2P to B2P, Plans for Launch & Beyond

Recently, Albion Online announced that they’d be dropping the F2P (free to play) payment model in favor of the buy to play (B2P) model used by games like Elder Scrolls Online and Black Desert Online. We sat down with Game Director Robin Henkys to discuss this change, and more about the ongoing plans for launch and beyond.

On Beta, PVE, and What Makes Albion Unique

Now in closed beta after months of alpha testing and gathering feedback, we caught up with Sandbox Interactive to chat about what they've learned, where the game goes from here, and how they're working to make Albion the best sandbox MMO it can be.

A True Cross-Platform Sandbox MMO

Albion Online has been flying under the radar but Stefan Wiezorek is ready to reveal more about this cross-platform sandbox MMO. We scored an exclusive interview to introduce our readers to Albion Online. Check it out and then discuss it in the forums.