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Sponsored Albion Online Launches Massive 'Lands Awakened' Content Update (SPONSORED)

The Lands Awakened update marks a new era for Albion, with improved and updated biomes, new open-world gameplay objectives, a new weapon line, big changes to guild seasons, and much more.

Sponsored Albion's Mobile Version Launches Worldwide for iOS and Android [SPONSORED]

Albion Online's mobile version is here, bringing the full MMORPG experience into the palm of your hands. Available on both iOS and Android, Albion Online brings a fully cross-platform experience between PC and mobile. [SPONSORED]

Sponsored 'Rise of Avalon' Brings Albion Online Into A New Era (SPONSORED)

Albion Online's ninth major post-release content update, Rise of Avalon, is now live. This update brings numerous major new features to the world of Albion to improve and deepen solo, small-group, and guild gameplay.

Sponsored Albion Online: Massive Queen Update Now Available (SPONSORED)

Albion Online has been gearing up for its largest post launch update to date. Today, the new expansion, titled "Queen" is now available for players of the sandbox MMORPG.

Sponsored 6 Reasons to Check Out Albion Online in 2019

A lot has changed in Albion Online since its release in 2017. For those who've been away from the game for a while, or haven't yet tried it out, we've put together this list of some things that have been happening in the game since launch. From new features that offer broader gameplay experiences to far-reaching upgrades and improvements, here's what you might have missed.

Sponsored Albion Online's Nimue Update Launches Today (SPONSORED)

Nimue, the fifth major post-release content update for Albion Online, releases today, bringing Crystal Realm Battles, improved group-finding options, new creatures and accessories, and much more.

Sponsored Steam Launch Day Arrives with Discounts & Goodies (Sponsored)

If it's May 16th, you know what that means: Albion Online has now officially launched on Steam! If that's not enough, Sandbox Interactive has a nice gift for ALL players as well as a sweet deal for anyone who's looking to buy in.

Sponsored Albion Online is Coming to Steam on May 16th! (Sponsored)

The official Steam launch announcement has arrived from Sandbox Interactive: Albion Online will be released on Steam on May 16th. It will include new achievements that will also be available for those who use the "native" Albion Online client.

Sponsored In Albion Online, Everybody Matters! (SPONSORED)

In Albion Online, stories are written by the players and their actions influence the world. They can choose whatever they want to be - be it an adventurer, an industrious gatherer, a reckless outlaw or a masterful crafter. No matter what you want to do, you can and will find your own place in Albion’s vast world.

Benefits of a Fully Player-Driven Game World

In this column, I want to outline how our player-driven world works, and what that means for the players who venture into it. Not only in itself, but also in comparison to classical theme park MMORPGs such as World of Warcraft.

Sponsored August 1st Marks the Start of the Final Beta Phase!

On August 1 it’s time to reset the clocks: Albion Online from Sandbox Interactive goes into the Final Beta phase and includes exciting new features and improvements.

Sponsored Boss Fights – the 'Demon Prince'

Ahead of the upcoming start of the Closed Beta, Sandbox Interactive, developers of Albion Online, released a new feature highlight video, showing of the game’s high-end PvE content.

Behind the Scenes - One Day in the Life of a Game Designer

Who doesn’t dream of a job that does not only pay your bills but is also truly about your passion and sometimes feels more like a hobby? Many would say that this description goes very well with people who work as game designers for video games. But what does a game designer really do all day long? We shed some light on this question by following Sandbox Interactive Game Designer Emil „Empa“ Östlin around.

Sponsored Summer Alpha Underway!

After much anticipation from its fans, Sandbox Interactive, developers of Albion Online, have opened their servers for the start of the big Summer Alpha 2015. Read on for what the new version includes and how to get in on the action.

How Albion Online is Combating the Zerg

As anyone who has played online games for any length of time will know, the territory comes with its ups and downs. One common issue, especially with resource-based open-world games that allow for PvP, is when players form into large groups and trample their respective countrysides (or space stations), obliterating everything in their path. Whether you know it as 'blobbing,' 'zerging' or by some other name, you're sure to have run into it in one form or another.