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Albion Online: Impressions of F2P So Far

It’s been a while since I played Albion Online, probably almost since launch if I’m being honest. But what I’ve found since trying the game this week is a much-improved experience. Now that Albion Online is F2P, is it worth giving a shot? The answer is yes, but with a few caveats.

Sponsored It's April 10th & That Means Albion Online is Free to Play! (SPONSORED)

Today's a huge day for Albion Online with its free to play launch. Veterans and the new generation of players will be able to enjoy all of the numerous updates made to Albion since launch, up to and including the recently released Oberon update. F2P doesn't mean that development stops either. Sandbox Interactive has big plans for large updates throughout 2019, so it's a great time to dive into the innovative game world.

Sponsored Merlyn Update Arrives - Let the Battle Begin!

With the arrival of the Merlyn update to Albion Online, players can now ride out on the warpath. The new Faction Warfare system should bring some new experiences to players, as rival groups vie for control of the game world. But that's not all that Merlyn brings. Keep reading!

One Week Review in Progress

It’s been one week since Albion Online launched, and how’s it doing so far? Pretty smoothly… no really there’s been very few issues. This is our Review in Progress of Sandbox’s new MMORPG.

Why It's Worth Being Hopeful for the Future

Albion Online is many things, but it certainly isn't shy about its huge grind. In fact, where most games try to hide their grind behind neatly dissected levels and gradual spoon feedings of content, Albion displays it proudly on its Destiny Board—a map that helps you chart your progress through the game. "Look at me," it says. "Look at how many countless hours you will need to spend to ever wield the best items in the game."

Destiny Board - A Key Way to Become Powerful

The Albion Online Destiny Board was designed to give players some direction in a world in which there are no levels; though players are not relying on a traditional experience points accumulation and level-up system, they are still able to plan their own Destiny in the world of Albion, and become their own unique hero.