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Albion Online Articles

Albion Online Peak Player Count Breaks Its Own All-Time Record Once Again

After the launch of Albion Online Europe, the developers at Sandbox Interactive are celebrating yet another milestone in terms of daily active player count. 

Albion Online's Europe Server is Now Live

Albion Online's new European/MENA server is officially open, bringing a new fresh start option for the open world sandbox.

European Albion Online Playtest With Exclusive Reward To Close April 23rd

The Open Beta Playtest for the Albion Europe Servers ends in just a few days, on April 23, and includes a reward usable on any server. 

Albion Online Foundations Update is Now Live to Shake Up Territory Warfare

Albion Online's Foundations update is now live, changing guild warfare with Fortifications and Siege Banners, adding new Crystal Weapons, and more ways to make guild warfare more rewarding.

Albion Online's New European Server Open Beta Begins Today

Albion Online's new Europe server begins its open beta today, letting everyone check out the fresh new server, see how things connect, and earn some goodies they can take into the permanent launch.

Albion Online Details How Fortifications Are Set to Shake Up Battle Dynamics in Foundations Update

One of the central new features coming to shake up sieges in Albion Online is Fortifications. The team has a new deep dive into Fortifications, how they'll work, the benefits, and more.

Albion Online's Foundations Update Arrives April 15th

Albion Online's Foundations update will launch on April 15th. It's a big month for the game, which is adding a new Albion Europe server, as well as bringing some more big changes in this next update.

Albion Online's New Europe Server Gets New Rollout Details and A Live-Action Trailer

Sandbox Interactive has announced more on Albion Online's new European server, along with a new trailer. This comes ahead of tomorrow's opening of Founder Pack sales.

Albion Online Launching New Europe and MENA Server in April, With Founder Packs On Sale Next Week

Albion Online is expanding once again, with the opening of a new Europe-MENA server in April, and two new supported languages, Turkish and Arabic. 

Albion Online Foundations Update Revealed, Will Broaden Territory With New Fortifications System

Albion Online's move to seasonal updates continues, with the next update on the way, Foundations, revealed, with new features like Fortfications, and more to come.

Case Studies in First-timer Indie MMO Development - Part 2

Don't make an MMO for your first project... unless you really want to.

Albion Online Crystal Raiders Update Brings Shiny New Weapons

On January 8, 2024, Albion Online will be receiving its Crystal Raiders update, bringing some fancy new weapons to the players. 

Albion Online Crystal Raiders Update Revamps Conqueror's Challenge, Incentives for Conflict, and Crystal Weapons

Following Sandbox Interactive's decision to move to a seasonal update model for Albion Online, the new year will bring the next major update, Crystal Raiders. The update will revamp guild warfare, add a brand new weapon type, and expand or revamp many other features.

Albion Online Is Changing Its Update Cadence, Switching To A Seasonal Model In 2024

Albion Online is making a major change to their update cycle in an effort to change up the pace of their current update schedule. In 2024, the sandbox MMO will start to push out smaller, seasonal updates to players, staring in January.

Albion Online Opens Allhallows Event and Shares Stats From First 10 Days of Wild Blood Update

Albion Online is celebrating Allhallows and sharing some of the data from the first 10 days of this month's big Wild Blood update.