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Heart of Frost Patch Preview, Ready to Go on January 10th

By MMORPG.com Staff on January 08, 2018 | Videos | 0

Heart of Frost Patch Preview, Ready to Go on January 10th

If you've been waiting to learn more about Aion: Heart of Frost, today's your lucky day. The team has released a recent half-hour long preview of the new content that is currently scheduled to be released on January 10th. The event was hosted by Community Manager Linda Hime and Associate Producer Michael Shreffler.

Here's some of what you can look forward to:

Divine Fortress Return to the Abyss Core and Divine Fortress, where Ereshkigal’s forces gather and grow in number. Fight alongside allies to reclaim the Divine Fortress and drive back the advancing icy army...

Mirash Sanctum Harvesters continue to experiment with Drana and now have discovered a way to revive Ereshkigal's fallen troops.

Frozen Monolith A powerful guardian stands before a tower rumored to be linked to Ereshkigal’s influence in the Abyss.

You can learn more about Heart of Frost on the Aion site.


MMORPG.com Staff