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Invasion Update: New Zones, Instances

By Neilie Johnson on November 09, 2014 | News | 0

Aion Online this week continues its epic saga with new content including open world PvP zones Kaldor and Levinshor, new instances, free gifts and new world bosses.

Details of the update include:

  • Kaldor - remains of an ancient Danuar land, fortress siege, Wealhtheow's Keep
  • Levinshor - Tiamat's origin. Daevas, Veille and Mastarius
  • The Linkgate Foundry Instance - solo instance, level 65
  • Igdel Dome - PvPvE team instance
  • Daily login rewards
  • Beritra Invasion Bosses
  • Equipment Purification - item stat bonuses
  • Server vs Server PvP

For further details regarding the Invasion Update, visit Aion Online's official website.



Neilie Johnson

Neilie Johnson / Neilie Johnson is a freelance contributor to MMORPG.com. She's been writing about games since 2005, developing games since 2002, and playing them since the dawn of time. OK not really, but she's pretty sure she's got controllers older than you. Witness her game-related OCD on Twitter @bmunchausen.