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AION 7.5 Update Launches Today in Europe

New content, including two new dungeons

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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AION is set to receive a massive 7.5 update to the European version of the game later today. Here are the details.

The update, called Wake of the Storm, is set to include new content in the form of gameplay features, items, enemies, areas, and lore. The update is also set to include a new zone called Silentera Canyon. This is described as an underground corridor that holds two new dangerous world bosses and sets the field for player-versus-player encounters. It also contains plenty of high-end rewards for completing quests and challenges, including some of the strongest, ultimate gear being added to the game.

A new PvE dungeon is also included, called Ara Infernalia. This is an instance with two difficulty levels where up to six level-80 players will take on the formidable dragon Mortasha. A new PvP dungeon will be added as well, called Raging Valley. This will be a new battlefield with up to six players per team. Upon entering this instance, all players have their stats equalized, however, Stigma and Daevanion skills retain their upgraded values.

The update will also introduce new reworked dungeons, the Odian and Rune systems, new Vision weapons, six new Legendary transformations, in addition to catch-up coins. You can check out the trailer provided via press release below:


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