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Aion Articles

Version 2.5 Overview

Aion players in North America and Europe have been playing Aion v2.1 for awhile and will see the second half of the update arrive in early 2011. Korean Aion players, however, are taking on the 2.5 update that will bring significant changes to the game. MMORPG.com Community Manager Michael Bitton had the opportunity to sit down with Associate Producer Sean Neil to talk about what 2.5 will bring to the table. Check it out and then let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

Taking a Look at Assault on Balaurea

MMORPG.com's Carolyn Koh recently had the opportunity to look at the upcoming Aion expansion, Assault on Balaurea. She spent some time with Community Manager Andrew Beegle looking at some of the new features such as longer flight travel times, new instances, and the new pet system. See what discoveries Carolyn made in our exclusive preview of Aion: Assault on Balaurea.

Entering the Game

Like many others, MMORPG.com Correspondent Dana O'Shea recently started playing NCsoft's Aion. In this article, he describes his early experiences in the game.

A Glimpse Into The Abyss

MMORPG.com Aion Correspondent Sebastian Klier writes this look at the Abyss territory in NCsoft's upcomng MMORPG, Aion.

First Steps in Aion

MMORPG.com Aion Correspondent Brandon Stiles writes this account of his initial steps into the world of Aion during its most recent beta iteration.

The Sights of Aion

MMORPG.com Correspondent Coordinator Vitaliy Dikker writes this report on the visuals in NCsoft's upcoming MMORPG, Aion.

Not Just a New Lineage

MMORPG.com contributor Tricia "Seridove" Bennon writes this look at NCsoft's upcoming PvPvE MMO Aion from the perspective of a Lineage II fan.

Hands-On Report

MMORPG.com`s Community Manager Richard Cox writes this article on his hands-on experience with NCsoft`s highly anticipated MMORPG, Aion.

Correspondent - Trying to make a Difference

Kenneth Tarre, our new Aion Correspondent, has written this introductory article about the upcoming NCsoft MMORPG.

E3 Update

MMORPG.com Writer Carolyn Koh took the time to drop by this year's E3 in California. Today, she brings us a report on NCsoft's Aion.