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Aion Classic Articles

Aion Classic Final Review

Aion Classic launched in the West on June 23. It's been over a month since launch and we are ready to give our final verdict. So how does revisiting the original 2009 version of Aion feel in a modern MMO world?

Aion Classic Review In Progress - Week 2

This past week I've been able to experience Aion Classic as a 'free trial' player. Come see how Aion Classic's decision to bring back the original subscription affects players that don't want to, or can't, pay.

Aion Classic Review In Progress

Aion Classic launched last week and since then has seen players rush the servers to experience the MMO the way it was (mostly) when it first launched in 2009. Garrick took a stroll down nostalgia's cobblestone steps to see just how the MMO holds up in 2021. Here is our review in progress.

Aion Classic's Monetization After Just One Day Already Brings Pay To Win Concerns

AION Classic has been out for one day, and despite that it seems as though NCSoft will have its hands full trying to assure current players that its monetization model doesn't inspire pay-to-win comparisons. This is due to the way its currently being handled, especially as players can spend money for in-game items to then sell for in-game currency.

Aion Classic Features Overview

Aion Classic launches today and is available for free to download. We had the opportunity to talk with Leader Producer on Aion for NCSoft West's publishing office, Mike Shreffler, about some of the changes.