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Age of Wushu Articles

Snail Games Announces a Remake with a New Engine

Snail Games has announced that Age of Wushu will be getting an upgrade to a new game engine. According to 17173.com (via 2P.com), the upgraded version will be available in the latter half of 2017, though no word was revealed about a western deployment of the upgraded version. Players will only have to update the client to preserve current characters and progress.

Dynasty Dev Diary: Episode 1

Join the team behind the top martial arts MMO for mobile as they discuss the ideas and designs behind Age of Wushu Dynasty. Learn more about the process and work that goes into creating an ancient world of kung fu heroes, and get an insight into the designs and mechanics built into the next top mobile action MMO. Download Age of Wushu Dynasty today to start your journey and discover your master within!

Mobile Tie-In Launch Day Arrives

Snail Games has announced that the mobile tie-in to Age of Wushu called "Age of Wushu Dynasty" has officially launched for iOS and Android devices. Players take on the role of a Kung Fu master and head out to find fame and fortune.

Mobile Tie-In, Dynasty, Launches in Canada

Snail Games has soft-launched the Age of Wushu mobile tie-in called Dynasty. The game is currently available in Canada and is available for both iOS and Android mobile devices.

Mobile Tie-In, 'Dynasty', to Launch in January 2016

Snail Games has announced that the Age of Wushu mobile tie-in called "Dynasty" will launch for both iOS and Android devices in January 2016. The closed beta for Dynasty recently ended and gave developers plenty of constructive feedback for iterative improvements between now and launch day.

Age of Wulin (EU) Launches Chapter 7: Awakening

Age of Wulin players will want to check into the game thanks to the deployment of the latest content expansion, Chapter 7: Awakening. The update includes a new level cap for both Combat and Internal skills, as well as the inclusion of the Fifth Internal skills.

Age of Wulin (EU) to Launch Chapter 7: Awakening

Webzen has announced that Age of Wulin (EU) will be updating on August 25th with the latest content expansion, Chapter 7: Awakening. Players will gain access to 5th Internal Skills and be able to work to the new level cap increase for combat and internal skills.

Warrior's Journey Expansion Released

Snail Games has announced that the latest expansion to Age of Wushu has been released. Called "Warrior's Journey", the expansion brings five new regions, survival mechanics including hunger and thirst, bag drops and looting on player death and more.

EU Version to See Three Expansions in 2015

Age of Wulin, the EU version of Age of Wushu, will be expanding three times this year with Chapters 4-6. The first expansion, Betrayal and Forgiveness, will arrive in March and will see eight new playable factions added to the game as well as other new features and content.

New Abilities Shine in Transcendence Expansion

Age of Wushu will be growing on January 14th with the arrival of the Transcendence expansion. Along with a new location, quests, gear and more, players will have access to a wide variety of new skills. Snail Games has revealed the first comprehensive list of the new skills in a new blog post on the Age of Wushu site.

Transcendence to Be Released on January 14th

Snail Games has announced that the next Age of Wushu expansion will be released on January 14th. Transcendence will thematically embody fate, loyalty, and conspiracy and will feature new areas and systems. In addition, Transcendence will include a fifth Inner Skill and new Forbidden Instances.

Christmas Gold Bonus, Bonfire Galas

From December 26 to December 31, Age of Wushu is offering a 10% bonus to gold top up and rewards for every top up.

Winds of Destiny to Go Live October 15th

Snail Games has announced that the Age of Wushu expansion, Wings of Destiny, will be hitting live serveice beginning on October 15th. Among other things, the expansion brings the companion system and a new area, Delightful Island, into the game.

Multi-Group Battle for Lingxiao City

Snail Games has posted the latest update for the forthcoming Age of Wushu expansion, Winds of Destiny. The blog reveals details about a new game feature that will place players on special multi-group teams in an effort to infiltrate and secure Lingxiao City. Groups will be given objectives as wide-ranging as hostage rescue, information acquisition through spying and more.

Lingxiao City - Path of the Departed

Age of Wushu's new game mode that pits players against one another in an effort to infiltrate the city.