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Age of the Four Clans Overview

AGE OF THE FOUR CLANS, the newest game from EVOLV Studios, delivers an all-ages prehistoric adventure in an oldschool 2D environment. Become a Raptor, quest through an immersive storyline with friends or solo, and save the world from mass extinction! With loads of character customization options, unique setting and ever-expanding worlds, there’s plenty of fun to be had. Come experience in our first ever MESOZOIC MULTIPLAYER ONLINE RPG!


  • Awesome Prehistoric Setting!
    In Age of the Four Clans, you’re not just another warrior – you’re a Raptor! Join your friends or quest solo through our evolving world, fighting off Mesozoic monsters and the threat of a global extinction event.
  • Customize Your Character!
    A4C offers lots of ways to make a unique character right off the bat. As you level up, your character can continue on the path of your selected clan or become one of several hybrid classes. It’s all up to you!
  • Old school RPG Look!
    Immerse yourself in a throwback experience that harkens to the times when 2D roleplaying was king!
  • Become Top Dino!
    PK and arena matches make combat between players loads of fun! Challenge others practically anywhere on the map-.
  • Loads of Content to Uncover!
    Secret classes, recipes and crafting system allow you to find hidden gems in a wide-open world. And we’re adding things all the time!