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Saga of Blood is Coming on September 27th to Age of Conan

Funcom has announced that its next Age of Conan Saga Server (a limited time server) is coming on September 27th. Called Saga of Blood, the limited-time PvP ruleset server where players will create a brand new character, play through a Saga Quest and complete objectives to earn "exclusive cosmetics and high-level PvP gear". Players will also be able to try for a shot on the leaderboards and much more.

First Impressions with Ripper X!

Riper X jumps into the hardcore sexy MMO Age of Conan Unchained for some First Impressions Gameplay Action! Age of Conan: Unchained is the groundbreaking, award-winning and free-to-play MMOG set in Hyboria, the gritty world created by author Robert E. Howard for the consummate barbarian, Conan. The first of its genre to carry an "M" rating, AoC is described as brutal, savage, and sexy, and the gameplay lives up to those words. AoC has a highly unique combat system no other MMOG has, along wi

The Secrets of Dragon's Spine Trailer

Funcom has released a brand new trailer for Age of Conan. The trailer shows off the latest game update, the first part of "The Secrets of the Dragon's Spine". In the new zone, players will find a new dungeon known as The Sepulcher of the Wyrm and much more. Check it out!

New Crafting System Revealed

We had the chance to talk at great length with Funcom's Craig Morrison and Einer Forselv about Age of Conan's massive crafting overhaul, due out in the next couple of months. We also got a look at the game's upcoming open-world area of Dragonspine. Watch, learn, and be happy!

Funcom Reveals Dragonspine!

We got a live tour with Funcom's Age of Conan dev team to talk about the upcoming Dragonspine FREE updates. Take a look as we explore a new dungeon, and talk about the game's future. Recorded on 9/26 on Twith.TV/mmorpgcom

Wayback Wednesday with Craig Morrison

Wayback Wednesday Episode 2: Age of Conan. We were fortunate to have Craig Morrison from Funcom on the stream tonight to share with us his thoughts on AoC. -- Recorded live on Twitch.tv for MMORPG.com - http://j-tv.me/GJLc1M

MMORPG.com interview  with Craig Morrison

We sit down with Craig Morrison, Joshua Alan Doetsch, and Lidia di Zazzo of Funcom to talk about Age of Conan's Dead Man's Hand instance, their plans of the future, and how far AOC's come in the past few years. -- Recorded live on Twitch.tv for MMORPG.com - http://j-tv.me/GJaWFf