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Age of Conan: Unchained Articles

The King's Reward for All

Funcom has announced that over two million folks have lined up to try out Age of Conan since launch. To celebrate the milestone event, one character on each player's account will receive The King's Reward. The package is found under 'special offers' and contains, according to devs, a variety of useful potions.

Server Population Up and Revenues Climbing

According to news from the Age of Conan development team, both server populations and Funcom revenues are way up after last month's launch of Age of Conan Unchained, the free-to-play version of the game. From information provided by Funcom, over 300,000 new players have signed up and played Age of Conan Unchained.

PvP Highlighted in July Development Letter

The July Development Letter has debuted on the Age of Conan site. In this edition, the spotlight shines on PvP and the changes the dev team has been working on since the Unchained version of AoC went live. Among other things, the letter details upcoming balance changes, resurrection in mini-games and stamina/aggro fixes coming down the pike.

Ripper X Heads to Hyboria

In the latest of his outstanding 'first impressions' video series, MMORPG.com's own Ripper X heads into the mystical lands of Hyboria as embodied in Age of Conan. Check out Ripper's first faltering footsteps on Tortuga and beyond!

Unchained Transformation Begins

Age of Conan servers are shut at the moment at Funcom readies the new "unrated and Unchained" version of the game. Unchained, for those not in the know, is the free to play version of Age of Conan. The official website is also down in preparation for the arrival of Unchained.

Return to Hyboria Part 4

It's been awhile since MMORPG.com's Phil James has visited Age of Conan. In Part 3, Phil journeyed through the world smashing things and having a great time. In today's chapter of Return to Hyboria, Phil wraps up his month long adventure with a few closing thoughts. Read on!

Hardcore PvP Incoming

MMORPG.com and Funcom have partnered to bring our readers some exciting news for Age of Conan players: When the new "Unrated" version of the game goes live, a new hardcore PvP server called Blood & Glory will make its debut. Funcom's Craig Morrison has an exclusive look at the new servers. Check it out and then let us know your thoughts!

Return to Hyboria Part 3

It's been awhile since MMORPG.com's Phil James has visited Age of Conan. In Part 2, Phil detailed his first baby steps out into the larger and scarier world of Hyboria. In Part 3 of his Return to Hyboria series, Phil continues his journey while simultaneously smashing things along the way. Get the details on what Phil has found and then leave us a couple of comments.

Server Merges Coming, FAQ Released

The Age of Conan team has published a handy-dandy FAQ on the topic of server merges coming to the game as devs prepare it for its freemium iteration later this summer. The FAQ details several important questions players might have including characters with the same name on merged servers and issues facing guilds.

Return to Hyboria Part 2

It's been awhile since MMORPG.com's Phil James has visited Age of Conan. In Part 1, Phil detailed his adventures on Tortuga. In Part 2 of his Return to Hyboria series, Phil has left the lushness of Tortuga behind and has set out in the larger and more dangerous world. Get the details on what Phil has found and then leave us a couple of comments.

May Development Update

The Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures team have released the May version of the Monthly Development Update amid the two major announcements made last week; AoC's new Free to Play option and the new adventure pack. Check out what they have to say, now that May is almost over.

Hybrid F2P Q&A with Craig Morrison

With today's huge announcement that Age of Conan will be utilizing a hybrid free-to-play / premium subscription revenue model, players are bound to wonder about some of the specifics of the decision. MMORPG.com Industry Relations Manager Garrett Fuller caught up with AoC Executive Producer Craig Morrison to talk about those decisions and more. Check it out and then leave us a few comments.

Hybrid Revenue Model Adopted

Funcom has announced that it will premier a new hybrid F2P/premium revenue model for Age of Conan beginning this summer. In addition, a new digital edition will debut called "Age of Conan: Unrated". Funcom has published both a general FAQ about the move as well as a comparison chart that highlights the differences between the free and paid versions.

Movie Tie-In Adventure Pack Announced

Funcom has been busy with a new adventure pack that will tie in with the "Conan the Barbarian" film set to debut in August. The Age of Conan adventure pack with reference to the movie is called The Savage Coast of Turan Conan sending players off to assist his friend Artus.

3rd Anniversary Interview With Craig Morrison

It's hard to believe that it's already been three years since Funcom's Age of Conan launched itself on the MMO world but it's true! MMORPG.com Industry Relations Manager Garrett Fuller recently had the opportunity to sit down and chat with AoC's Executive Producer Craig Morrison. Check out Craig's thoughts about the past three years and what he hopes for the future in our exclusive interview.