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Age of Conan: Unchained Articles

Romain Amiel Steps Up as New Game Director

Age of Conan has a new game director in the form of The Secret World lead designer Romain Amiel. Amiel has penned the latest game update, mainly to introduce himself, and to provide his credentials as someone who has worked on AoC in earlier years before moving on to TSW.

Raid & Dungon Finder in the Works with PvE/PvP Arenas

The latest Age of Conan Unchained letter has been published with some interesting news for players to look forward to in the coming months.

Shadow of Vanaheim - Matthew Bennett Interview

This week we had the chance to talk with Matthew Bennett from the Age of Conan team on the game’s seventh anniversary and their recent update, Shadow of Vanaheim. The game has come a long way over its lifespan and still maintains a loyal audience. Players continue to return for updates and remain active with the achievement system and PvP. With Shadows, the team was able to unlock more areas of the Hyborian world and offer players a unique story to experience.

Seventh Anniversary to Introduce New Areas

In celebration of the seventh anniversary of Age of Conan, the latest Letter from the Producer reveals the addition of two new areas for players to explore. The Blue Mountains and Vanaheim at Fort Storisbjorn will become part of the epic main storyline along with attendant side quests and the ability to score some great gear.

Second Round of Achievements Added

The latest Age of Conan update is now live and it contains the second round of achievements to be added this year. There are several more achievements for players to collect. There are also some bug fixes and enhancements and the addition of 130 panoramas for players to feast their eyes on.

Latest Newsletter Teases Panoramas & Next Update

The latest Game Director's Letter has been posted on the Age of Conan site. In it, Joel Bylos lets players know what's been going on in the past month and what players can expect down the pipeline in the coming thirty days. Among other things, Bylos reveals that nearly one-hundred forty new panoramas will be heading into the game with the next update.

Achievement System Incoming

The latest Age of Conan Producer's Letter has been published and it brings the fascinating news that the game's Achievement System is ready for deployment. Players will have the opportunity to earn over 650 achievements, 60 titles and over 3000 sub-achievements. A new NPC will be available, the Chronicler of Deeds, who will announce deeds and titles as players pass by as well as award achievements already earned.

New Achievement System & Crafting Update on Tap for 2015

The latest Age of Conan: Unchained Producer's Letter has been released. The letter begins with a recap of 2014 and moves on to give players a sneak peek ahead at what 2015 has in store. Among other things, Funcom has plans to introduce a new achievement system and will finally push the long-awaited crafting update out the door.

Instant Level 80 Now Available

Age of Conan players ready to start a new toon but less than thrilled about leveling it up can now purchase an instant boost to 80 from the in-game shop. The boost will set players back $40 unless a level 80 character already exists on the account, in which case the cost is reduced to $30.

Next Update Detailed in New Producer's Letter

The latest Letter from the Producer has arrived on the Age of Conan site that is packed with information about the v4.4 update that is scheduled to be released in the near future. Most notably, Unchained raids are explained along with new loot, the PvP 'streak' system and more.

The 6th Anniversary Interview & Thoughts for the Future

Age of Conan recently celebrated its sixth anniversary. We caught up with Funcom's Matthew Bennett to reflect on those six years and to take a peek ahead into the future. See what he had to say before heading to the comments to chat.

May Producer's Letter Targets End of May Patch Release

The latest Age of Conan Producer's Letter has been published. The discussion kicks off with the news that the next major patch is targeting an end of May release. This patch includes the PvP events, Daily Missions and Age of Conan's 6th Anniversary Event.

The 12 Portents - Three Down, Nine to Go

The latest Age of Conan Producer's Letter has been published. In it, Joel Bylos takes a look at what the team has been working on. Most notably, he tells players that the Twelve Portents, world events of which there are currently three live, have been a huge success. Additionally, Bylos touches on the team's efforts to bring rebalancing Tier 4 PvP rewards.

Latest Game Director's Letter Announces New Feature

Senior Designer Matt Bennett has penned this month's Age of Conan Game Directo's letter. In it, he goes over recent changes to PvP gear, the release of salvage tables for all in-game items and then spends the rest of the letter discussing the Daily Quest feature that will be in place in the near future.

November Producer's Letter Arrives

Joey Bylos has published the latest Age of Conan Producer's Letter on the official site. He runs down the list of what the team has been working on and what players can expect to see in game, including world boss events and a tradeskill update.