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Adventure Quest 3D Articles

AdventureQuest 3D Developers Introduce New Battleon

It's bigger and better than ever before! Artix Entertainment has published a new developer diary to talk about New Battleon, the central hub for the entire game and one that has roots all the way back to the original AdventureQuest. This time, the city will have four completely separate districts, "the Guardian Tower, PvP Colosseum, Cemetery, the Teleporter Crystal gate...and all the shops".

First PvP-Themed Update Coming to AdventureQuest 3D in March

The latest AdventureQuest 3D developer blog has been posted that lays out some of what players can expect when the big PvP update launches into the game. Primarily, the team wants its players to know that "PvP will be completely optional in AQ3D and the way we implement it will attempt to reduce the toxicity usually associated with it".

Death Returns...But Only If You're Pushing Up Daisies

If you manage to die in Adventure Quest 3D, you'll get a chance to see some awesome Death artwork provided only to those who are pushing up daisies. The new respawn wait screen brings back an old favorite from games past with veteran players sure to appreciate the new artwork from "Dage".

Artix Details the Harrowing Journey Through Hurricane Irma

AdventureQuest 3D is a multiplatform MMO being built by the amazing team at Artix Studios in Land o'Lakes, Florida (near Tampa), the state most recently slammed by what's been called the most devastating hurricane in recorded history. "Artix Krieger" has taken to the game's page to detail how he and his team dealt with the events before, during and after Irma slammed into the state. It's a harrowing tale, though one with an ultimately happy ending.

Artix to Take a Hard & Aggressive Stand Against Botting

In a new article on the Adventure Quest 3D site called "Botters Get Banned", the Artix team goes on record with why botting is bad for the game and that there will essentially be zero-tolerance for the practice. The article states that there will be no difference between a player who has spent no money or a "whale" that has spent $5000. The bottom line is that if someone is caught botting, they will be banned. Period.

Dragons of Ashfall Brings a New Level Cap

AdventureQuest 3D has a new "saga" for players to work through in one of the only true cross platform MMOs on the market. Called Dragons of Ashfall, the new content is available for PC via Steam, on Google Play and the App Store. The level cap has been increased to 16 and players can travel through DoomWood to Ashfall.

New Open Beta Trailer Released

Artix Entertainment put up a new open beta trailer for MMO Adventure Quest 3D. The video highlights some of the game's features such as the chance to play cross-platform between PC, mobile devices and tablets, level your character, run through dungeons and raids and much more.

New Scaling Zone Added Complete with Bosses & Fixes

Adventure Quest 3D has been udpated withe a new zone that allows players to quest through the area in either Normal (Level 8) or Hard mode (Level 13). Normal mode features a shorter quest line, a few daily quests and a single loot drop from a zone boss. In addition, the amount of experience needed to get from 14 to 15 has been reduced and Mogloween will continue through November 22nd.

November's Super Secret Update Plans Revealed

Artix Entertainment invites everyone to come check out the super secret November development plans for Adventure Quest 3D in the latest post on the game's official site. In it, open beta players can learn about forthcoming patch contents and what they will bring to the game.

iOS Version Launches, Full Cross Platform Action Achieved

Artix Entertainment has announced that the iOS version of Adventure Quest 3D has officially launched into open beta. This brings all versions of the game to open beta status. Cross platform game play is a big part of the Adventure Quest 3D experience with players on PC, Mac, iOS or Android systems able to play together.

Mogloween Lands with New Trailer

Now that AdventureQuest 3D is in open beta, Artix Entertainment is pulling out all the holiday stops with the release of the Mogloween celebration. Players will be able to take on the PumpkinLord and be able to assemble his amazing armor through crafting. To celebrate this momentous occasion, a new Mogloween trailer has been released.

Open Beta Begins After One Day Delay

After delaying the commencement of the AdventureQuest 3D open beta by a single day, Artix Entertainment has flung the doors open and invited everyone to dive in to its cross-platform MMO to give it a try. PC, Mac and Android users can begin straight away, while iOS users may have to wait a bit as the open beta client is not yet available.

Multi-Platform Open Beta to Launch on October 18th

Artix Entertainment has posted a brand new video to announce the big news that the open beta for AdventureQuest 3D is heading into open beta on October 18th barring any strangeness in launching a multi-platform title. AQ3D's open beta will launch simultaneously for Steam (PC/Mac), iOS mobile devices and Android mobile devices.

Adventure Quest 3D Warbrand Item Giveaway!

MMORPG.com has been given special gift codes for Adventure Quest 3D that will give you FOUR in game items! Get a Warbrand cloak, staff, axe and sword.

Open Beta to Kick Off in October

Artix Entertainment has a new post on the official Adventure Quest 3D site that's pretty exciting! Open beta for the upcoming KickStarter-backed title will begin in October. The open beta follows the company's tradition of releasing other Adventure Quest titles (AdventureQuest and AdventureQuest Worlds) in October in years gone by.