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AD2460 Articles

December 7th Brings a Free-to-Play Conversion

Fifth Season AS has announced that its web-strategy title AD2460 will be going free-to-play on December 7, 2015. Breaking away from its current subscription-based revenue model, the team is in the process of preparing Patch 7 that will launch the F2P iteration.

He Who Controls the Space...

At its core, AD2460 is a fulfillment of a fantasy that I have had ever since I saw Star Wars; the ability to build a powerful galactic empire capable of wiping your foes from existence. And while I've waited years for an MMORPG to be able to provide that experience in a way that remains more accessible than most other attempts, I'm not sure I'm exactly sold on the method that AD2460 uses to go about fulfilling this fantasy.

Enter to Win 100 Days of Game Time

MMORPG.com has partnered with Fifth Season to give away 100 Credits (good for 100 days of game time) for its sci-fi strategy web game, AD2460.

Patch Adding New Ships, Conquests, Stations And More

Patch 6 for online web-strategy game AD2460 has added a new PvP feature that allows players to create alliances to capture the strategic locations known as "stations". Once held, other player-alliances can attack to try and claim it for themselves. In addition, new ship types were also added.

Aiming to Revolutionize Web-Based Gaming

A new sci-fi MMO has emerged from the Norwegian development company, Fifth Season AS - a game that hopes to change the way MMO players look at web-based games.