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By Dana Massey on May 12, 2005 | News | 0

The Pharoh of A Tale in the Desert II Andrew Tepper has sent out a new email that outlines some upcoming content to this society simulation MMORPG.

Citizens of Egypt,

Some of the wisest and most accomplished of our ancestors created a series of eight challenges (Seven by Oracles in A Tale in the Desert, One by Kemet), to test our generation. These challenges are known as the Legacy Tests. Already, we have faced The Test of the Safari, The Test of Yokir, and the Test of the Host.

This Saturday, Noon EST (GMT-0500) will see the release of one of the most anticipated of the Legacy Tests: The Test of Life in the Discipline of Architecture.

In the Test of Life we will build a sprawling system of aqueducts to bring life-sustaining water to the hostile desert. It is known that certain areas of desert - if not for their naturally dry state - have extraordinary levels of nutrients, which would otherwise allow certain vegetables to grow to astonishing size. Aqueduct towers promise to unlock this potential.

Furthermore, just as rumors of the Test of Life made their way across the land, the reclusive scientists at Egypt's Universities of Worship have announced research of their own. The new technology is Herbiculture, and it requires Moss, an unknown species of flora. Could there be a connection?

On the Nile,
Teppy (Pharaoh)


Dana Massey