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Massive "Test" Starts Today

By Craig McGregor on March 26, 2005 | News | 0

The "A Tale in the Desert" team has announced that they will be holding a very large "test" that begins today which will require players to capture 7 species of animals.  More details below in their official announcement:

It was great to see so many people return for our welcome back event earlier this month. We'll have to do more of those.

Game Developers Conference was great fun, and very rewarding. Quite a number of you attended my talk "Building the Impossible" - I was amazed at how many in the audience had played A Tale in the Desert.

On Saturday at Noon EST (GMT-0500) we will release what is probably the biggest Test in A Tale in the Desert, The Test of the Safari. This test is the Legacy Test of the Human Body, designed by Dragyn and enshrined in a Monument at the close of our First Telling.

The Test of the Safari challenges you to capture seven species of animals:

Gazelles roam the land, but are skittish. They'll run from anyone approaching. Teamwork is needed to tire these magnificent creatures, and then to finally tag them.

Otters are clever creatures that construct a network of tunnels. To trap an Otter you have to think like an otter, and figure out their devious tunnel designs.

Falcons roost in trees and enjoy a meal of live rabbit. Though their roosts are well hidden, their flight path often gives them away.

Graceful Ibis travel Egypt in an enormous flock. These noble birds have no fear of humans, though their flock never stays in one place for long.

Fennecs, Bullfrogs, and Desert Rats each bring with them a unique challenge.

If you're new to A Tale in the Desert, there will be plenty of Mentors around on Saturday and Sunday to introduce you to the game. Rumor has it that a herd of gazelles have somehow found its way to Immigrant Island! I look forward to seeing everyone in Egypt.

On the Nile,

Teppy (Pharaoh)

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Craig McGregor