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AGC Update

By Dana Massey on November 04, 2005 | News | 0

Staff Writer Laura Genender spoke to Andrew Tepper of eGenesis about A Tale in the Desert II, the game which the man otherwise known as "Teppy" created. The article also serves as a sort of preview for "A Tale in the Desert III".

While at the Austin Gaming Conference I met with Andrew Tepper, the mastermind behind A Tale in the Desert (ATITD) and upcoming Alvin Maker, based on the books by Orson Scott Card. “Teppy” and I talked about the present condition of ATITD and what was in store for the game in the near future.

A Tale in the Desert is one of the few MMOs that has a start and an end. The game can be won — or lost, depending on the actions of the players. Players must work together to complete the Monument of Architecture, Art, Body, Conflict, Leadership, Thought, and Worship. Each monument requires the help of many people of varying ranks in their respected discipline. If all the monuments are not constructed before time is up, players lose.

You may read her full article here.


Dana Massey