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This latest developer journal looks at the most basic system of them all: combat.

Items in 9Dragons

Ken Johnston pens the latest developer journal from Acclaim's 9Dragons.

Skills of Martial Artists

Ken Johnston pens a new developer journal that examines the skills of martial artists in the upcoming MMO 9Dragons from Acclaim.

Clan Feature: Wu-Tang Clan

The sixth and final weekly clan feature runs with perhaps the most famous of the six clans.

Clan Feature: Heavenly Demon Clan

The fifth of six articles on the six clans of 9Dragons.

Clan Feature: Sacred Flower Clan

Clan Feature: The League of Beggars

Altman and Johnston present another clan in week three.

Clan Feature: Brotherhood of Thieves

The second clan feature from Ken Johnston and Steve Altman.

Crafting in 9Dragons

In a double-bill, we also bring you this article on crafting in 9Dragons.

Clan Feature: Shaolin

In the first of six articles, we learn about the Shaolin Clan.

The Weapons of 9 Dragons

Ken Johnston shows us what, besides fists and feet, we'll hit each other with.

Reputation System

Ken Johnston continues to examine the features of 9 Dragons.

Monsters, Part Two

Ken Johnston explains more about the monsters of 9 Dragons.


In this journal, Ken looks at monsters in the game.

Martial Arts Combat

In the first of a series of developer journals, we learn about combat.