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4Story Articles

New PvP Areas Incoming

Zemi Interactive has announced that a new PvP area will be incoming as the team is overhauling and 'renewing' 4Story. The zone will be similar to "Chaos Online, which is a pvp based mmorpg in the Warcraft III background."

Auction Event Announced

Zemi Interactive has announced that it will be sponsoring an in-game auction for items that will shortly only be available in the item shop. Players will be able to purchase these top-level armors with in-game currency for a short time.

Newbie Event

4Story n00bs will score big simply for playing the game, according to a new announcement from Zemi Interactive.

New Effects Incoming

4Story players have always had the ability to apply effects to their characters. Effects came in Fire, Water, Ice, Lightning and Darkness flavors. With the next upgrade, players will have four new effects to play with.

Attendance Rewards Detailed

Zemi Interactive and the 4Story development team have announced a series of rewards to be doled out to players simply for attending the game for sequential days. The longer the string of attendance, the better the rewards.

Revealing the Holes Event Announced

Zemi Interactive has announced that a new October event will be staged in 4Story. Called "Revealing the Holes", the event continues the storyline started in the just-completed "Awakening the Demons" event.

Awakening of the Demons Event

The 4Story team will be dressing up for Halloween a bit early this year with the Awakening of the Demons Event. During the event, GMs will be posing as Black Demons and wandering the countryside looking for victims.

Revenge of the Orcs Event Announced

The 4Story team has announced a new in-game event called "Revenge of the Orcs". No specific date has been revealed as to when the event will begin but the dev team indicated it would be in early October.

New Dungeons Coming in Next Patch

The 4Story team has announced that two new dungeons will be added to the game with the next content patch. Both Hellfire Labyrinth and Mardook's Nest will be accessible only through the Aerial Wargrounds.

YouTube Video Event Announced

Zemi Interactive has announced a new YouTube video contest for 4Story. The contest asks players to take videos, either in game or out, and edit them. The only requirement is that they have something to do with 4Story.

Big Changes to Lure PvPers Back

ZemiInteractive has announced a plethora of significant changes coming to 4Story in an effort to bring the PvP crowd back into the game. The team plans to implement balance changes across all six classes. Crafting issues are also being addressed.

4Story Adds Playspan

4Story's website has undergone a large billing systems update today. The team has integrated the newest installment of the Playspan billing system in a bid to allow more billing power to the game itself, resulting in an increase in revenue over time.

Defenders of Broa Update

The 4Story team has revealed the details behind the Defenders of Broa update that launched today, including a fix of an exploit within the game that allowed for people to jump ship to the stronger team, the Aerial War day change, the introduction of the new Gemstone and level rewards.

Aerial War PvP Map Coming June 22

4Story players will have a new PvP map to check out. It's called the "Aerial War" and features a faction-wide reward for all players: Kill the enemy faction's NPC and the entire faction reaps the benefit whether they were there participating in the battle or not.

Trailer Spotlights New In-Game Additions

Zemi Interactive has released a new trailer showing off the brand new war system and kingdom that have been deployed into the game. All of the shots are in-game footage.