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Indie MMO Spotlight: Welding In An MMO?

Each week, we scour the internet for all things indie MMO-related so you don't have to. Catch up on this week's Indie MMO Spotlight with Mitch as he talks everything from welding in BitCraft to Zenith's recent update.

UGreen HiTune T3 Noise Canceling Earbuds

The UGreen HiTune T3 are affordable ANC true wireless earbuds modeled after Apple's AirPods. At $39.99, are they the best true wireless earbuds on a budget? Find out in our review.

Game Companies Speak Out Against The Supreme Court's Decision To Overturn Roe v. Wade

Yesterday, the United States Supreme Court struck down the landmark case Roe v. Wade, the case which protected the reproductive rights of women across the country. The decision stripped women of those federal rights, triggering laws to start being enacted almost immediately banning abortions in states across the country. In response, many companies in the games industry showed their support for protecting reproductive rights, as well as their employees.

Fallout 76's Mothman Equinox Event ReturnsTo Appalachia Through July 12th

Fallout 76's season Mothman Equinox event is returning to Appalachia, giving players the chance to take on cultists intent on interrupting the ritual seeking to summon the Wise Mothman, earning rewards now through July 12th.

Sea of Thieves Offers a Recap of Its Who Killed DeMarco Mystery and Teases With New Clue

A new Adventure and new season are coming to Sea of Thieves next month. There's a new trailer coming Monday, but for now, there's a new recap of the DeMarco mystery along with a new clue.

Myth of Empires Opens Season 2 With New Content and Ongoing Multipliers to Help Player Progression

Myth of Empires begins its Season 2 today, with some changes based on player feedback received during the first season of the game. These changes include balance adjustments, concerns over proficiency. The update also adds new content.

Last Oasis Holding a Season 5 Public Beta Test on July 5th

On July 5th, Last Oasis will open up its next beta branch via Steam. This beta will be open to the public and is designed for feedback and as a stress test for the early game maps.

HyperX Pulsefire Haste Wireless Review

Is the HyperX Pulsefire Haste Wireless the best ultralight wireless gaming mouse on a budget? The answer might surprise you. Find out in our review!

Halo's 343 Industries Exploring Microtransactions For Master Chief Collection

Microsoft is toying with the idea of bringing microtransactions to its collection of Halo titles, a new post on Waypoint states. 343 Industries mentions it's "exploring the potential" to bring microtransactions to Halo: Master Chief collection down the road in the form of purchasable Spartan Points.

Guild Wars 2 is Getting a Major Professions Skills Overhaul Next Week

Guild Wars 2 is planning a major profession balance overhaul in the June 28th update. Some of the notes in the balance section were shared with the community and feedback is adding up.

Amazon Details Reasoning For Lost Ark's June Delay, Removes Stat-Fueled Cosmetic Microtransactions

Amazon delayed the June update for Lost Ark to the end of the month, stating that it was revisiting the update after concerns over microtransactions that had been planned. The team took to the official site to explain in more detail this week, announcing it's removing its problematic Yoz's Jar cosmetic system.

Jagex Reveals More of Legacy of Zamorak and the Next Six Months of Content Coming to RuneScape

Zamorak is coming, and the Wilderness will be reborn in RuneScape Legacy of Zamorak, which will feature scalable difficulty, new enrage system and ranks, graphical overhauls, new story, and more.

Blizzard Announcing Diablo Immortal's Upcoming Plans 'In The Next Few Weeks'

If you've been curious about the future of Diablo Immortal beyond its first few weeks, you're not alone. However, Blizzard is stating that we'll be waiting a few weeks before they are ready to lift the veil on what comes next.

Blizzard Devblog Dives into the Philosophies Behind Upcoming Wrath of the Lich King Classic Changes

When Wrath of the Lich King Classic releases, there will be "Some Changes", according to Blizzard, which has a new devblog outlining design philosophy pillars and how the team arrived at leaving room to adjust for the experience.

Tencent Teases An Upcoming Open World Unreal Engine 5 MMORPG Announcement

 Tencent is teasing the announcement of an open world MMORPG made by its subsidiary Lightspeed Studios and built in Unreal Engine 5. 

Diablo Immortal Review

It's been almost three weeks since Diablo: Immortal was finally released in its full version to everyone. Jump in and read our final review that professes that Diablo Immortal is actually two games in one. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Find out in our Diablo Immortal review!

Galactic Civilizations IV Review

Developer Stardock Entertainment released Galactic Civilizations IV on April 26th. This 4x space strategy retains several familiar elements for fans of the series while incorporating new features. After playing through several games, this is Kevin's review.

Not So MMO: Demeo PC Edition Review

Resolution Games has released Demeo: PC Edition into early access on Steam, and we had the chance to review this virtual tabletop RPG. Initially released in 2021 on VR, how does this port compare? Check out Kevin's thoughts in our Review.

The RPG Files: Triangle Strategy Review

Triangle Strategy combines a compelling narrative with meaningful player choices, but does how does it hold up overall? Here is our review.

Not So MMO: Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Review

The world of Wonderlands is one where fantasy's swords and sorcery meet bullets and guns. If you're a fan of looter-shooter mayhem, then Tiny Tina's Wonderlands is for you.

The RPG Files: Babylon's Fall Review

Babylon's Fall aims to take players to the city of Neo Babylon, tasked with reclaiming the fabled Tower of Babel. But is it successful, or does the Platinum Games' title fall flat?

Mortal Online 2 Final Review

Since Mortal Online 2 launched, it has dealt with several launch woes typical of new MMORPGs. For an ambitious re-imagining and improvement to Star Vault's previous Mortal Online that launched back in 2010, the team had their work cut out for them. So how has the experience been? Here is our final review.

The RPG Files: Elden Ring Review

Elden Ring, FromSoftware's latest "Soulsborne" game has been out for a few weeks. After more than 100 hours in the game, we're ready to give our verdict.

Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons Final Review

It's been almost two weeks since End of Dragons launched, and after seeing how things have played out on the live servers, this is still the best expansion ArenaNet has done to date. Read why in our final review.

Zenith: The Last City Final Review

Zenith: The Last City, the VR MMORPG by RamenVR, has been out for over a month. While it had some server issues at release, those are now resolved. How is the game shaping up as a long-term home? Check out Kevin's final score and thoughts.

Total War Warhammer 3 Final Review

Total War: Warhammer III, by Creative Assembly, has now been out for half a month, and Kevin has explored the multiplayer. Has Creative Assembly been as successful with the new/improved multiplayer features? Check out our multiplayer review and final score.

The RPG Files: The Waylanders Review

The Waylanders tells a tale steeped in Celtic myth and legend. But does the RPG do its interesting setting justice? Check out our review.

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen Review

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen is Bungie's most ambitious piece of content within the franchise to date. Join us as we explore what's new, what works, and what has yet to prove itself in the crucible of time in our official review.

The RPG Files: Death end re;Quest 2 Review

Looking at developer/publisher, Idea Factory Co.'s website it's easy to see that they are subject matter experts in all things related to anime. You can't help being impressed by their anime inspired game titles listed on their website. In fact, a few of these I've reviewed for other sites and others I've considered purchasing at some point in time. Their latest milestone is the port of the anime JRPG, Death end re:Quest 2 onto the Nintendo Switch console. This dark, mature audiences only meshin

The RPG Files: Horizon Forbidden West Review

Horizon Forbidden West takes players back to the world Guerilla Games created back in 2017, setting into the shoes of Aloy once more. How does the sequel hold up and is it worth your time? Here is our review.

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis - Frozen Resolution and Kvaris Region Impressions

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis has officially been out for over a year. During that time, the game has grown in size and scope. SEGA recently released the latest update which introduced the Kvaris region to the game. If you haven't hopped into the game in a while, here's a look at what's new.

Overwatch 2 is Going Free to Play, Headed Our Way October 4th 2022

If you're an Overwatch fan then you'll be delighted to hear that Overwatch 2, will be launching on October 4 with a free-to-play model. Players will be able to join and take part in a Overwatch 2's persistent, always-evolving live service game on Windows PC and Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4/5, and Nintendo Switch consoles.

Victoria 3 Launches Later This Year, Debuts New Gameplay At PC Gaming Show

Paradox's Victorian-era grand strategy sim, Victoria 3, debuted a new gameplay trailer today at the PC Gaming Show. The new trailer gives a glimpse into some of the major mechanics of the upcoming strategy game, as well as revealed that it will release later this year on PC.

Starfield Gets An Extended Gameplay Reveal, Showing Off Combat, Locations And Much More

Starfield, the next title from the Bethesda Game Studios, got its first real look at gameplay today during the Xbox + Bethesda Not E3 showcase. The gameplay showed off some familiar looking Bethesda mechanics, as well as a look at locations, the vast expanse of space and much more.

PvPvE Shooter The Cycle: Frontier Launches Free-To-Play Today On Steam, Epic Games Store

Yager's first-person PvPvE shooter, The Cycle: Frontier, launches today on Steam and the Epic Games Store, bringing the mix of PvP and PvE action to a persistent sci-fi world.

MMOFPS Enlisted Releases Major Update 'Burning Sky'

Squad-based MMOFPS Enlisted has released a major update titled Burning Sky. The update introduces a lot of new features, including an advanced mission creator that will allow for players to create their own multiplayer missions. New weapons and game modes have also been added.

Developer Shiny Shoe Announces Unique Co-op RPG Inkbound in New Trailer

Shiny Shoe, the developer behind the popular 'award winning' roguelike card game Monster-Train is setting up for another round of roguelike fun with their announcement of Co-op RPG Inkbound. The game will feature a hybridized play style that mixes action RPG's and tactical turn-based strategy games.

Ashes of Creation Shows Off Weather Effects in Charming Alpha Two Preview

As the sweltering Summer is steadily climbing to its peak here in the real world, Intrepid Studios has given homage to all seasons in their latest teaser video. Alpha Two intends to introduce seasons to Ashes of Creation along with some complementary weather effects.

Temtem Gets A 1.0 Release Date, Launching Out Of Early Access On September 6th

Temtem, the creature collecting title by Crema and Humble Games, will finally be releasing out of Early Access later this year. Coming on September 6th to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series consoles, PC and Nintendo Switch, the Pokemon-inspired MMO will bring with it new features, areas, and more.

Sea Of Thieves' Mysteries Systems Aims To Bring Game Changing Storytelling To The High Seas

Sea of Thieves was always designed to deliver the ultimate pirate fantasy, whether that be exploring deserted islands for treasure, swashbuckling with other pirates for loot or just sailing the seas in your own galleon. The new Mysteries feature aims to bring live storytelling to the game in a way that, as the developers put it, "have never really seen before."

The Elder Scrolls Online Dives Into The History Of The Systres Archipelago Ahead Of June's High Isle

In a new video, ZeniMax is pulling the veil back on some of the history surrounding the Systres archipelago, the setting for this year's Elder Scrolls Online chapter, High Isle.

The Top 5 MMORPGs on Google Play (By Total Downloads)

Whether you have a love of mobile MMORPG's or even if you aren't an avid mobile gamer, it may surprise you to learn that the Google Play Store is home to more than 250 MMORPG's. It can be really difficult to navigate through everything available, and determine what exactly other players are actually playing. Here's 5 of the most downloaded mobile MMORPG's, sorted and ranked by the highest download count and user score!

Mortal Online 2 Introduces Bounty Hunters and More in Patch

You love Bounty Hunters. I know you do, which is probably one of the reasons you're interested in this new update for Mortal Online 2. In patch players will be able to take part in the Bounty Hunter system, access new decorations for their homes, and they'll find some extra Legendary weapon visual changes too.

Life Beyond - A 'Socio-Tech Metavese Play and Earn MMO' Has Just Released an In Game Alpha Trailer

What exactly is a Socio-Tech Metaverse? Life Beyond means to answer that question, despite the obvious insistence that it was the developer of the game, Darewise, that presented us with the reason to ask. Life Beyond is a game built on Web3 and Blockchain, but with the insistence of the developers, it's much more than that, blending what they profess is "the feeling of a game" and "the stakes of reality".

Neverwinter's Next Module, Dragonslayer, Lets Players Slay Dragons In June

The next module for Neverwinter, the Dungeons & Dragons MMO's 23rd module, was revealed during today's D&D Direct. Dragonslayer will let players take part in the eponymous activity on PC and console starting in June.

Neverwinter Dragonslayer Wondrous Air Pack PC Code Sweepstakes

Cryptic Studios and MMORPG.com have teamed up to give away 5 Wondrous Air Pack codes to celebrate the launch of Neverwinter's latest module, Dragonslayer. These codes will work with the PC version of the MMORPG and give access to a new mount and companion.

Neverwinter Dragonslayer Wondrous Air Pack Sweepstakes - PS4

Cryptic Studios and MMORPG.com have teamed up to give away 5 Wondrous Air Pack codes to celebrate the launch of Neverwinter's latest module, Dragonslayer, as well as the MMO's 9th Anniversary. These codes will work with the PlayStation version of the MMORPG and give access to a new mount and companion.

Neverwinter Dragonslayer Wondrous Air Pack Sweepstakes - Xbox

Cryptic Studios and MMORPG.com have teamed up to give away 5 Wondrous Air Pack codes to celebrate the launch of Neverwinter's latest module, Dragonslayer, as well as the MMO's 9th Anniversary. These codes will work with the Xbox version of the MMORPG and give access to a new mount and companion.

Mobile Royale Gift Giveaway

IGG and MMORPG.com have teamed upt to give away a massive trove of in-game items for the mobile MMORPG, Mobile Royale. These keys see players get access to over $150 worth of in-game items.

Mythic Heroes Giveaway

IGG and MMORPG.com have teamed up to give away gift vouchers for their mobile RPG, Mythic Heroes. Each voucher gets you items valued at $150 in total in game.

Fractured Online Closed Beta Giveaway

Gamigo, Dynamight Studios and MMORPG have teamed up to give players access to Fractured Online's closed beta test the next three days - now through June 12th.

Eternal Return Character and Skin Giveaway!

Kakao Games has partnered with MMORPG.com to give away a new character and skin bundle for its mobile MOBA, Eternal Return!

Fractured Online Beta Giveaway!

Gamigo and MMORPG.com have teamed up to give away codes for the open-world sandbox MMORPG, Fractured Online. The beta runs starting May 18th and runs through May 25th.

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Free-to-play mobile game Hero Wars is giving away a free limited booster to new players who try their hand at the fantasy RPG today. Grab your free limited booster, complete with in-game currency and a free hero at the enclosed link!

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Castle Clash has teamed up with MMORPG.com to give players in-game code of items to help players get ahead in the fast-paced mobile strategy game.

Deceit 5th Anniversary Starter Pack Giveaway!

World Makers and MMORPG.com have teamed up to give away 500 codes for Deceit, the survival horror-inspired party game. These starter packs include outfits, tokens for cosmetics, and more.

Star Trek Online Ship Sweepstakes

Cryptic and Perfect World Entertainment have teamed up with MMORPG.com to host a sweepstakes giving Star Trek Online fans a chance to win a code which unlocks three ships in the sci-fi MMORPG.

Black Desert Online Game Pass And Kuku Pet Giveaway

Pearl Abyss has teamed up with MMORPG.com to give away 200 codes for Black Desert Online's in-game Kuku Pet, as well as full access to the MMORPG. These codes also include expanded inventory space, experience scrolls, and more.

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Neverwinter Dragonbone Vale PC Code Giveaway

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