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This past week we’ve seen some interesting updates to 8.3 and, in particular, to how the Horrific Visions of Orgrimmar/Stormwind work. However, the choices made in some of these changes are a bit frustrating in certain respects.

Money talks. Throughout the history of the modern MMORPG, we have seen massive transitions, from how and where MMORPGs are being played, to how MMORPGs are being funded. Two decades ago, as we sat on the cusp of the MMO revolution, had we foreseen wh...

We recently had the opportunity to interview Enplex Games for their upcoming title, Population Zero. Our conversation spanned a number of topics including F2P, player population, the survival genre, dungeons, and more.

As far as I’m concerned, Riot Games has struck card game gold with its new League of Legends based card game, Legends of Runeterra. If you’ve just started playing recently, you may have noticed card collection is quite a bit different from your typic...

Should a game scale to the player’s level, or should areas of the world be gated off until a player reaches a certain level? This is another one of design choices perhaps best suited for game developers, but what the hell? I’ll throw my hat in the ri...

Recently, Amazon hosted game critics at their Irvine studios to check out their upcoming MMO, New World. MMORPG was there and able to go hands on with the game, as well as chat with the dev team about their philosophy behind its development.

In the MMORPG world, there are many factors that go into making a great MMO experience. Combat specifically is one of them, with many MMOs of yesteryear opting for tab-targeting. However, in recent years many MMOs have come onto the market with a mor...

QoL and Double XP Come to RuneScape

RuneScape has outlined QoL and double XP this week.

Triple Damage Experiment Coming to Overwatch

Jeff Kaplan from the Overwatch team has outlined a new experiment coming to the game.

NZXT Announces the H1 - A Mini-ITX Case with Built-In AIO and PSU

NZXT, a name well known in the PC Building community, is announcing a brand new case in their line up. The H1 is a small form factor mini-ITX case that is not only easy to build in, but comes with a 650w 80+ Gold PSU, a 140mm AIO, and PCI-e riser card pre-installed for an easy building experience that take a fraction of the time compared to normal cases. Along with this case NZXT has announced that the H1 will be featured in the pre-built NZXT BLD lineup for purchase.

Shroud of the Avatar Update 369 Outlines Mistrendur Land Rush

Details for Shroud of the Avatar’s Update 369 take a look at the Mistrendur: Land Rush and more.

World of Warcraft Hotfix Sreamlines Legendary Cloak Upgrade from Horrific Visions

A new update to World of Warcraft brings hotfixes to streamline Legendary cloak upgrades via Horrific Visions.

Elder Scrolls Online Update 25 Will Require Twice the Space to Initially Install, Patch Notes Live

Elder Scrolls Online’s Harrowstorm DLC and along with Update 25 are live today on PC and Mac.

Pearl Abyss Talks MMO Market In New Interview

In a new interview with Gamesindustry.biz, Pearl Abyss America's CEO Jeonghee Jin spoke about how the MMO markets are diverging.

Legends of Aria Hotfix Changes Town Control Buffs

Change town control buffs are a huge focus of the latest hotfix for Legends of Aria.

HyperX Cloud Flight S Wireless Headset Review

The newest headset from HyperX is here, and it’s the HyperX Cloud Flight S, a wireless headset designed for PC and PS4 players. This is an improved version of the Cloud Flight headset and offers 7.1 virtual surround sound and Qi wireless charging. But how does this new and improved version stack up and is it worth the $159.99 asking price? Let’s break it down and see!

Weapon Tweaks a Big Focus for Bungie This Week in Destiny 2

Weapons are the main focus at Bungie for Destiny 2 this week.

Star Citizen to Look At Actor Status System Features This Week

This week in Star Citizen features a look at the Actor Status System and more.

World of Warcraft Outline Upcoming Class Balance Changes

Blizzard has shared class balance changes coming to World of Warcraft on February 25.

HyperX Cloud Flight S Wireless Headset Review

The newest headset from HyperX is here, and it’s the HyperX Cloud Flight S, a wireless headset designed for PC and PS4 players. This is an improved version of the Cloud Flight headset and offers 7.1 virtual surround sound and Qi wireless charging. But how does this new and improved version stack up and is it worth the $159.99 asking price? Let’s break it down and see!

Pilotfly Traveler Gimbal and AtomCUBE RX1 RGB Lights Review

The PilotFly Traveler and AtomCUB RX1 RGB Lights are expensive but excellent. Both are versatile and worthwhile investments for content creators.

AMD Ryzen R9 3950X Review: 16 Cores, 32 Threads of Power

It’s been a long wait, but today is an exciting day for those of us here at MMORPG.com. Today, we get to bring you our review of the AMD Ryzen R9 3950X. Featuring an incredible 16-cores and 32-threads of processing power with a boost speed all the way up to 4.7GHz, this CPU has “prosumer” written all over it. Coming to market at a comparatively cheap $749, is this the right CPU for you? We have the answer and this is our review.

Corsair iCUE H115i RGB PRO XT AIO CPU Cooler Review

So, you’ve just put together your new gaming rig and need something to keep your CPU cool and running its best. What do you do? If you want the best performance for the cost and the lowest noise, a good all-in-one liquid cooler is the answer. Today, we’re looking at the brand new iCUE H115i RGB PRO XT from Corsair. Featuring the CoolIT design found on their Platinum series, should this be your next AIO?

Secret Lab TITAN XL Gaming Chair Review

Gaming chairs are one of the hottest commodities on the market. If you watch gaming personalities anywhere, you’re guaranteed to have seen them and may just be considering picking one up for yourself. Today, we’re looking at the Secret Lab Titan XL. The TITAN was already big and bold, and the XL ratchets it up with a larger size and all the enhancements of the 2020 series. At $479, should you pick one up for yourself?

Corsair iCUE LS100 Smart Lighting Strips Review

Do you want to take the look of your setup to the next level? Light strips are one of the best ways to truly customize and elevate the look of your battlestation. Corsair, the reigning king of RGB with components and peripherals, has finally arrived with their own ambient lighting setup. If you’re looking for backlights that go beyond the cheap strips flooding Amazon, this might just be the kit for you. Read on for our full review.

Rode VideoMic NTG Analog/USB Review: The Amazing “Do Everything” Microphone

Condenser microphones are the gold standard for streaming but most suffer from the same drawback: they pick up everything. They also tend to be made for a single purpose. Today, we’re looking at the single most versatile microphone we’ve ever seen: the Rode VideoMic NTG. It’s made for streaming, made for cameras, made to travel with you wherever you go. If you’re in the market for a microphone, this is a review you can’t afford to miss.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Re: Mind DLC Review

Kingdom Hearts 3 Re:Mind (KH3) is a nice wrap up to a great series of games. It cleared a lot up with the ending of KH3 while adding more questions. It was enjoyable and full of beautiful cinematic scenes. Potential spoilers below!

Glorious PC Gaming Race Model D Mouse Review

Ultralights are the latest craze in gaming mice and for good reason: a quality lightweight mouse can feel like an extension of your hand. Today, we’re looking at the Glorious PC Gaming Race Model D. Coming in at only 68 grams and packing some of the best glide feet you can find on an out of the box mouse, does the Model D live up to the reputation of the Model O? Join us as we find out.

ASUS Prime X570-Pro Motherboard Review

With the single-thread performance of Zen 2 inching closer and closer to Intel’s, it is hard to argue with the value for the dollar presented by AMD’s Ryzen line up as top contenders for gaming and beyond. Last month, we looked at an entry-level motherboard from ASUS, the TUF Gaming X570-Plus, but today we are kicking things up a notch into the mid-range with the Prime X570-Pro from ASUS. Let’s take a look at what’s under the hood.

Corsair T3 Rush Fabric Gaming Chair Review

Corsair is a company that is well known for its computer parts, and but they’ve been branching into new areas to elevate your gaming setup. Today, we’re taking a look at their latest gaming chair, the fabric-trimmed T3 Rush. Not all chairs are created equal, especially with an MSRP of $299. Is the T3 Rush worth a buy? Join us as we find out!

NZXT Kraken Z73 AIO CPU Cooler Review: Low Temps, Good Looks, High Price

Are you in the market for a new CPU cooler? Just looking for a way to make your system pop? Today we’re looking at the brand new Kraken Z-3 series from NZXT. Featuring redesigned cooling and a new LCD screen built right into the cooler, it promises better temps and better looks. But for $249 for the 240mm and $279 for the 360mm, is it worth the price of entry? Join us as we find out.

New World Developer Diary Shows Off The Warring Factions Of Aeternum

Amazon Game Studios have released a new dev diary showing off the enemies you might find throughout your exploration of Aeternum, the Eternal Isle in the upcoming MMO New World. The diary goes into detail some of the enemies you'll encounter, as well as why the land is deathless.

Torchlight III Announcement Video

Today, Perfect World announced that the upcoming Free-to-Play title, Torchlight Frontiers, will transform into a fully fledged ARPG experience, Torchlight III.

The Elder Scrolls Online: The Dark Heart of Skyrim Announcement Cinematic

Check out the latest chapter in the Elder Scrolls Online story - Greymoor, as well as the year-long "Dark Heart of Skyrim" story in ESO's latest trailer.

Magic: Legends | Cinematic Teaser Trailer

Magic: Legends is an MMO Action RPG from Perfect World that puts players in the role of the epic, spell-slinging Planeswalkers of Magic's universe.

Diablo IV Gameplay Trailer

Diablo IV debuted its first gameplay trailer, showcasing three of the upcoming classes: the Sorceress, Barbarian and Druid. Diablo IV will be hitting PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Diablo IV Announce Cinematic | By Three They Come

Revealed at BlizzCon 2019, Diablo IV is set years after the events of Diablo III. In this gritty and bloody trailer, Diablo IV's cinematic trailer sets the grisly tone for the game moving forward.

War Selection RTS Teaser Trailer

War Selection is an upcoming RTS game from Glyph Worlds. Pitting 62 players against each other, players race to determine which civilization is best.

No Man's Sky BEYOND Launch Trailer

No Man's Sky BEYOND brings with it new features such as expanded multiplayer, mounts, VR and more. Check out the latest gameplay trailer ahead of the August 14th launch.

EVE: Echoes - Mobile MMO - Gameplay Trailer

EVE: Echoes is a new iOS/Android version of New Eden from EVE Online. Set in an alternate video of New Eden, EVE: Echoes allows players to experience the full authentic experience of EVE Online, but on their mobile device. Coming to iOS/Android in 2019.

Fanmade MMOs Being Built From Original Fallout Games

The original Fallout games have inspired fans to build their own MMOs on a system called FOnline. As is usually the norm in PC modding, these projects are comprised of several groups of volunteers, modders, and developers, according to PCGamesN.

Astellia Is A Weird New MMO - TheHiveLeader

Astellia is a new MMO coming out soon! And it sure is weird. Ugly demons. Creepy puppets. Fish girls. Sounds like a job for TheHiveLeader!

One World of Warcraft Fan Imagines 'What If' in Unreal Engine 4

World of Warcraft super-fan "Daniel L" has spent several years recreating some of WoW's most iconic locations in Unreal Engine 4. He gives other fans a peek into a familiar, yet gorgeously rendered Azeroth and perhaps makes a few wistful for a more modern (graphically) version of the game. Daniel L has stitched together several of his recreations of Grizzly Hills, Elwynn Forest, Duskwood, Westfall, and Durotar.

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