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Phantasy Star Online 2: NGS' Next Update is a Must For New and Returning Players

SEGA unveiled their next significant update for the free-to-play online action RPG, Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis (PSO2: NGS), set to launch on December 6.

Cyberpunk 2077's Phantom Liberty DLC Has Sold 4.3 Million Copies In Two Months

Since launching in late September, the first and only DLC for Cyberpunk 2077 has sold 4.3 million copies, according to CD Projekt Red's latest earnings report.

Guild Wars 2 Opens Expanded Weapon Proficiency Beta Today

Guild Wars 2's Expanded Weapon Proficiency beta is now open, letting all testers get a taste of upcoming additional build options like pistol Elementalist, or sword Necromancer.

EVE Online Is Gearing Up For Its Winter Nexus Event, Coming On December 5th

EVE Online is gearing up for its next seasonal event, the Winter Nexus, which hits New Eden on December 5th. The event brings winter snowstorms to space (because video games), giving players a chance to earn SKINs, loot and more.

LUMINKEY LK80 Mechanical Keyboard Review

The LUMINKEY 80 is an affordable custom keyboard that you don't have to build yourself. Starting at $215 and featuring 2.4GHz wireless, an aluminum and copper case, and top-tier sound and feel, this is a keyboard you don't want to miss!

Embracer Group Restructuring Hits Fishlabs With About 50 Layoffs

Embracer Group's restructuring efforts have hit another of the company's studios. This time, around 50 employees have been let go from Fishlabs, a studio known for Galaxy on Fire and bringing Valheim to Xbox.

Player Racks Up Nearly 270K Gold Bounty With Claims of Killing Everything in Skyrim

A Skyrim player, known as Redditor Amelix34, claims to have annihilated every killable entity in Bethesda's decade plus old RPG.

Baldur's Gate 3 Patch #5 Releases This Week, Addresses Slowdown Issues

Larian Studios is set to release Patch 5 for Baldur's Gate 3 later this week, addressing slowdown issues caused by an unintended consequence of Patch 4. 

Naraka Bladepoint Reaches 40 Million Players, Sets Date for Naraka Fest and 2024 Roadmap

Naraka: Bladepoint has crossed a new milestone of 40 million unique players. The multiplatform battle royale game is also preparing for events and a 2024 roadmap reveal in December.

Second Dinner Issues Statement Following the Reported Axing of Marvel Snap Publisher Nuverse

ByteDance is making a move away from gaming, according to a report from Reuters claiming that that the TikTok owner will shutdown of its major gaming arm and Marvel Snap publisher, Nuverse. Snap developer Second Dinner releases a statement reassuring concerned fans.

King Arthur: Knight's Tale 'Legion IX' Expansion Revealed

NeoCore games has unveiled Legion IX, a brand-new expansion for King Arthur: Knight's Tale.

Destiny 2 Season of the Wish Opens, With New Dungeon, Weekly Story Mission, and a Witcher Collaboration

Season of the Wish, the final Lightfall season, is here for Destiny 2. Expect weekly story missions, a new Witcher collaboration, a new dungeon, group finder, and more to lead into The Final Shape.

World of Warcraft Season of Discovery Launches Thursday - What To Look Forward To When It Hits Classic

One of the best announcements at BlizzCon is going live this Thursday, the Season of Discovery for World of Warcraft Classic. Jumping off from the success of Hardcore Classic, the Season of Discovery offers new ways to play Classic and new things to discover. So let's jump into the big highlights of what we can look forward to on November 30th at 1 pm PST.

NCsoft and Sony Interactive Sign 'Strategic Partnership' Deal, Could Horizon MMORPG Rumor Become Reality?

Sony Interactive Entertainment and NCSoft have announced a new "strategic partnership" that will cover "various global business fields, including mobile". 

Latest New World Community Q&A Covers Lessons Learned from Rise of the Angry Earth And Season 4

The latest New World community Q&A is out, and the team covers lessons learned from Season 3 and Rise of the Angry Earth, endgame, gear, progression challenges, and more. There's also a behind the scenes look at Artifacts.

Super Mario RPG Review - Feel Like A Kid Again

Super Mario RPG was remade for the Nintendo Switch, and Jason has been busy putting it through its paces. Does it hold up all these years later? Here's our review.

Vampire: The Masquerade - Justice VR Review

Vampire: The Masquerade - Justice, from developer Fast Travel Games, certainly captures the atmosphere and feel of stalking the streets of Venice as a deadly vampire at night. However, it is somewhat marred by several technical issues and certain weak gameplay elements. Check out Kevin's review to see if this VR stealth RPG might satiate your hunger.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Review - Swinging For The Fences - Side Quests

Insomniac had its work cut out for it with Spider-Man 2. To say expectations were high going into this sequel is an understatement, buffered by both the first game's major success and the bridge between console generations that was Miles Morales. So how does it stack up?

New World: Rise of the Angry Earth Review

When Bradford first reviewed New World back in 2021, the MMO almost immediately felt like it was at a crossroads. Over the course of reviewing its recently released Rise of the Angry Earth expansion, Amazon's MMO feels like it has found its footing. It's not perfect, but it's a great starting point for the future. Here's our review.

The RPG Files: For The King II Review

In For the King II, players embark on a lively adventure akin to late-night D&D sessions, immersed in vibrant graphics and diverse character classes. Despite occasional challenges, the engaging turn-based combat, surprise elements, and collaborative multiplayer dynamics make it a delightful choice for strategy and tabletop gaming enthusiasts.

Alan Wake 2 Review: A Thrilling, Tense Masterpiece

Alan Wake 2, is a creepy, tense, thriller that, despite some areas of struggle, is a great time. Our review.

The Lord Of The Rings: Return To Moria Review

In the shadowy depths of Middle-earth, the Dwarves have begun to delve, maybe too greedily, again. They've returned to Moria, and Emily has you covered. How does the survival game hold up? Here is our review.

Endless Dungeon Review - Side Quests

Endless Dungeon attempts to marry the concepts of roguelike progression, isometric twin-stick shooters, tower defense, and run-of-the-mill escort missions into one appealing package. Josh takes you through the two experiences he had running Endless Dungeon in our review.

Lords Of The Fallen Review

The Lords of the Fallen takes players to the dual worlds of Axiom and Umbral, but how well does the latest Soulslike hold up under pressure? Jason tackles this in his review.

New World Rise Of The Angry Earth Review In Progress

It's been a week since New World's Rise of the Angry Earth has released, and Bradford has been putting the expansion's new features through their paces. Check out our initial thoughts in our review in progress.

Assassin's Creed Mirage Review

Assassins Creed Mirage is a return to the series' roots in a sense, bringing players to 9th-century Baghdad. But how does it stack up so far compared to the recent series entries? Here is our review.

Total War: Pharaoh Review

Total War: Pharaoh is the latest title from developer Creative Assembly. Set during the Bronze Age collapse, players take on the role of an aspiring Pharaoh or Great King. Kevin has successfully seized power from the other pretenders. Check out the review to see if this road to power is worth it.

The Lamplighters League and the Tower at the End of the World Review

Harebrained Schemes is back with Lamplighters League. How does this turn-based strategy stack up with their past hits?

Starfield Review - Written In The Stars

Jason is finally ready to render a verdict on Bethesda's latest open-world RPG, Starfield. Does it reach for the stars or crash back to Earth?

Baldur's Gate 3 Review

Baldur's Gate 3 is, without burying the lede, a modern masterpiece. After more than 130 hours, Bradford is ready to render his final verdict.

Survival MMO The Day Before Delayed Yet Again, This Time Releasing Early Access On December 7th

The Day Before, the post-apocalyptic survival MMO, has seen yet another delay, this time with Fntastic delaying the game till December 7th.

Perfect New World Celebrates Halloween with a Weird Clown Video

Perfect New World is getting in the holiday spirit with some clown-bashing action.

World of Warcraft Classic Hardcore Players Are Dying On Average Every 1.5 Seconds

World of Warcraft Classic Hardcore players are furiously trying to avoid the permadeath, but almost three million characters have left Azeroth, never to return in the course of its life since launching this summer.

CCP Games Previews EVE Online's Upcoming Pirate Mechanics In New Havoc Video

EVE Online's next expansion, Havoc, launches next month, and the team at CCP Games is pulling the veil back on one of its major features, explaining how working with New Eden's pirate factions will work.

EVE Online Dives Deeper Into Zarzakh And The Deathless In New Developer Video

EVE Online developer CCP Games is ramping up the narrative heading into November's Havoc expansion, and the team breaks down the design process behind the new Zarzakh region and the Deathless Circle at the center of the expansion.

EVE FanFest 2023 - EVE Online's Next Expansion, Havoc, Lets You Team Up With Pirates On November 14th

EVE Online's second expansion of 2023, Havoc, goes live in November, continuing the story from August's Epiphany update. The new expansion allows players to team up with Pirate factions, Angel Cartel and Guristas, to corrupt the fabric of New Eden.

Vampire The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 Is Happening, In Development By The Chinese Room

During PAX West 2023, Paradox and The Chinese Room announced that the long-awaited sequel to the World of Darkness brand's Vampire The Masquerade - Bloodlines was finally happening.

Crimson Desert Gets A Beautiful New Gameplay Trailer, Showcasing Combat, Exploration, And Kittens

Crimson Desert was first shown off in 2020, but we've not seen much from the Pearl Abyss game. The upcoming open-world RPG got a new, expansive trailer at Gamescom's Opening Night Live.

EVE Online's Capsuleers Will Hunt For Hidden Stargates In New Operation Event,  Epiphany

The latest update to EVE Online's universe, a narrative event titled 'Epiphany,' will see its players hunt for hidden stargates around New Eden, all leading up to the reveal of the next expansion.

New World Talks Dropping Banes And Wards From MMO As Transmog Releases Today

In the most recent Forged in Aeternum video, the New World team talked about one of the biggest changes coming to the MMO: the removal of Bane and Wards from the game.

RuneScape's Necromancy Update Gets A New Launch Gameplay Trailer

RuneScape is gearing up for its upcoming major update to the legendary MMORPG, celebrating the impending launch of the Necromancy update on August 7th with a new launch trailer.

Final Fantasy XIV Eorzean Aetherobics Aims To Get Your Stretch On

Final Fantasy XIV wants to get your blood pumping and make sure you stay limber for that next marathon gaming session with its Eorzean Aetherobics. A new video highlights the movements to keep stretched and moving, inspired by the denizens of Eorzea.

Multiplayer Tactical RPG Waven Enters Early Access On August 16th

Waven, the tactical RPG from the Wakfu and Dofus devs, is set to enter early access next month, launching on PC and Mac on August 16th.

New World's Sound Team Talks About How Music Can Tell A Story, Throat Singing In Latest Dev Video

New World's latest Forged in Aeternum dev video is audio-focused, which is fitting given the ongoing Medleyfaire Festival in Aeternum right now. In the nearly twenty-minute long video, the MMO's audio team talks about creating music that helps tell the story, as well as a little throat singing in the mix.

Survival Crafting RPG Sengoku Dynasty Hits Steam Early Access August 10th

The makers of Medieval Dynasty are back with their next release, the Japanese-themed Sengoku Dynasty. The survival crafting, settlement building RPG will be coming to Steam Early Access on August 10th.

Pax Dei Home Valley Alpha Test Code Sweepstakes

Mainframe Industries, New Tales and MMORPG.com have teamed up to give away 40 alpha codes to Pax Dei's first major alpha test, the Home Valley test, which starts November 14th and runs through the 27th.

Dungeons & Dragons Online Vecna Unleashed Ultimate Edition Sweepstakes

Daybreak Games and MMORPG.com have teamed up to give away 15 copies of Dungeons & Dragons Online: Vecna Unleashed Ultimate Edition.

Neverwinter Demonweb Pits Barlgura Mount PC Edition Sweepstakes!

Neverwinter has teamed up with MMORPG.com to give ten readers a new mount to celebrate the recent launch of the Demonweb Pits module.

Neverwinter Demonweb Pits Barlgura Mount PlayStation Edition Sweepstakes

Neverwinter has teamed up with MMORPG.com to give ten readers a new mount to celebrate the recent launch of the Demonweb Pits module.

Neverwinter Demonweb Pits Barlgura Mount Xbox Edition Sweeptakes

Neverwinter has teamed up with MMORPG.com to give ten readers a new mount to celebrate the recent launch of the Demonweb Pits module.

PAX West 2023 4-Day Pass Giveaway!

Reedpop and MMORPG.com have teamed up to give five (5) passes to the upcoming PAX West convention in Seattle, Washington. These passes are the full weekend (4-day) passes, giving you access to one of the largest gaming conventions in North America.

Neverwinter Razer Barracuda X 10th Anniversary Giveaway

Cryptic Studios and MMORPG.com have teamed up to give one lucky reader a care package including a Menzoberranzan Razer Barracuda X headset, exclusive dragon sketch from a renowned D&D artist and much more to celebrate the MMO's 10th Birthday!

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Stunlock Studios and MMORPG.com have teamed up to giveaway 30 copies of V Risings Sinister Evolution DLC pack to help budding Vampires on their survival journey. Enter to win here!

V Rising Game Giveaway!

V Rising and MMORPG.com have teamed up to give away 30 full copies of the vampire-flavored survival game.

Neverwinter Menzoberranzan Launch Giveaway - PC Edition

Cryptic Studios and MMORPG.com have teamed up to give away 200 cosmetic codes granting players a new Arachnoid Wrap to don during their adventures in the Underdark.

Neverwinter Menzoberranzan Launch Giveaway - Xbox Edition

Cryptic Studios and MMORPG.com have teamed up to give away 150 cosmetic codes granting Neverwinter players a new Arachnoid Wrap to don during their adventures in the Underdark. 

Neverwinter Menzoberranzan Launch Giveaway - PlayStation Edition

Cryptic Studios and MMORPG.com have teamed up to give away 150 cosmetic codes granting Neverwinter players a new Arachnoid Wrap to don during their adventures in the Underdark. 

World of Warships PC New Player Content Pack!

Wargaming and MMORPG.com have teamed up to give new players a head start in their journey in World of Warships with a new player invite code, which gives new ships, currency and premium game time for new players in the naval MMO.

Tower of Fantasy Half Anniversary Giveaway!

Tencent and MMORPG.com have teamed up to give away five thousand in-game item codes to celebrate the 6-month anniversary of its mobile/PC RPG, Tower of Fantasy.

Inkbound Technical Test Giveaway!

Inkbound, the upcoming rouglike from Shiny Shoe, is hosting a technical preview of its upcoming game today, giving players a chance to jump and check it out for themselves! We've teamed up with Shiny Shoe to give away codes for the technical test ahead of tomorrow's wider test.