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Videos Videos - MMOFTW - What's Your Destiny?

Where can you watch DOTA's International this weekend? Hint, it's not just your browser. ArcheAge is stepping up from Alpha to Beta this weekend, but so is Bungie's Destiny! Hearthstone's Naxxramas dungeon has a release date, and Motiga's going Gigantic. Plus, Firefall hit a major milestone this week. Watch and learn more because THIS is MMOFTW.

Duration: 4:08
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gothmog99z writes: good graphics,no way to skip cut scenes though,not a bad game so far. Sat Jul 19 2014 8:51AM Report
rojoArcueid writes: after searching the settings over and over to make sure im not getting blind for missing it, i noticed that Destiny doesnt have an option to turn off the Aim Assist. I like to aim by myself and the aim assist actually makes me miss almost every shot because it keeps moving my reticle while im trying to carefully aim on my own. I will only purchase the game IF they add the option to turn aim assist off. This little annoyance is a major turn off for me. Sat Jul 19 2014 11:38AM Report
Scot writes: How can you have founders packs for a game that's been out in the East for ages? Sat Jul 19 2014 1:24PM Report
Br3akingDawn writes: Destiny looks like a good game to invest some time and money in, but whats the future of Destiny look like? lots of DLC? lots more content coming? Sat Jul 19 2014 4:02PM Report
ionxeel writes: Game good. I like. Sat Jul 19 2014 4:38PM Report
tixylix writes: Not an MMO Sat Jul 19 2014 6:48PM Report
BillMurphy writes:

@Breakingdawn - Yeah, DLC seems to be the name of the game. No sub, but already at least 2 planned for post launch. Considering Bungie says there's 10 years of story to tell, I'd wager many more to come.

As for what kind of game it is: if you're the type who believes Guild Wars was an MMO, despite ArenaNet shying from the term, then you'll consider Destiny an MMO. If not, you will like the term "persistent online shooter".

Sat Jul 19 2014 8:12PM Report
Vonatar writes: @BillMurphy - no sub is true, but you can't form your own fireteam (group) unless you are a subscriber to PlayStation Plus (for PS3/4 players anyway), which is a bit cheeky if you ask me. Sun Jul 20 2014 6:36AM Report
Crusades writes:

My Destiny is not Destiny. I was excited for this at first, but "persistent online shooter" is all this game is. I loved halo, and I think Destiny will be a fun game for people who are new to bungies way.

Some things that are killing it for me today....

pre conceived expectations!

- silly damage numbers that pop up on screen when you shoot an npc - didn't like it in alpha - dealt with it, but ultimately I think damage numbers suck and really gear with stats on them sucks for this type of game too.

- gear and leveling - cosmetics would be ok, but when I'm playing a game like Destiny is shaping up to be I expect to be ready to take on anything, that is not the case with Destiny. I can't use my favorite weapon, some guns just do more or less damage than others

- judging from the twitch streams pvp is the most popular aspect of the game, the pve is the main selling point of this game for me. If I want excellent pvp, Halo already has it, so the pve in Destiny really needs to be standout. Pve in halo was great, epic story, fun combat, no silly numbers, no gear grind, no leveling, just ramped levels of difficultly.

I think this is shaping up to be a wait and see game for me at this point. I need to see some extremely engaging pve, I need to see something different. I know bungie has it in them, but did they do it for Destiny? If it's looking to much like Firefall or Defiance, it's just not going to work, it pve gets blown throw and forgot and turns into a halo like multiplayer game, it's not going to work for me either, I like halo multiplayer, but it's just not going to be enough.

Sun Jul 20 2014 7:17AM Report
handlewithcare writes:

I played a little bit of the beta,the game is good but not enough co-op I played alone most of the time.i also am not that into shooters anymore whish it had swords and spells but its sci-fi.

ill probably buy it and play for a month,but I am disappointed.

they could not have done a better job but it just does not blow me away,my taste in games are changing looks like very view impress me anymore.

Sun Jul 20 2014 9:12AM Report
nomadie writes:

Honestly the people who say this game has great graphics make me laugh because just no, Killzone the first one has better than this, Unreal 4 for mobile has better graphics than this, there is just so much wrong in the graphics if you pay close attention like in 3rd person while looking at your character from different angles the graphics won't always load correctly and just blur out lol.

Got to level 8 did all of the levels on normal level 8 got really bored though sadly, this game feels like a copy of Mass Effect 3 mixed with Borderlands even the loot chests look like something out of Borderlands lol, also pvp seems unbalanced atm because at level 3 you can join vs 8s with guns that are around 51+ damage vs 20 damage guns which you almost always die from the 8s even if you get all hs they will just 2-3 shot you period while it takes you over 5 hs that is with low def 8s. I had high hopes for this game but it does not feel  like a new game it feels done before and almost has the same plot as Mass Effect.

Sun Jul 20 2014 10:30AM Report
Mitara writes:

"How can you have founders packs for a game that's been out in the East for ages?"

It is the industry's new way of ripping money out of the hands of faithfull gullible players thirsting for a good game that just hasnt come for many years and still is not here.

Why shouldnt the developer take your money, all of them, if they can?

Sun Jul 20 2014 11:02AM Report
Hardsun79 writes:

Pretty mediocre game and its console :S

All that hype because they ve spent 2/3 of budget on advertising instead of game itself, meh...

Sun Jul 20 2014 5:20PM Report
Braindome writes:

I agree. Firefall has finally found its footing....finally. Anyone that has been through the ringer with the game and got frustrated should check out the final version as it's quite enjoyable and focused.

Pretty much at this point it has turned into what I hoped it would and with a good core focus I can see it only getting better. Sure it has some issues but the core gameplay is finally sound and makes sense.

It's finally not boring "more than just thumping" with better focus on story questing and looks and runs way better and tons of loot. :D

Sun Jul 20 2014 10:48PM Report
DMKano writes:

Destiny for me was a letdown - I guess I just expected a lot more out of Bungie - and that's part of the problem.

I played it and played for hours - and had this feeling - ok when does this get "good" - it just never did for me. 

Oh well

Mon Jul 21 2014 1:10AM Report
handlewithcare writes:

graffix on ps3 looks bad,the last game I bought with good graffix on ps3 was the last of us so I don't understand why destiny`s raffix a year later looks so bad-do they want me to buy a ps4?.

well not for destiny but I will buy a ps4 for bloodborne.[next demon`s souls game]

Mon Jul 21 2014 8:57AM Report
spiritouspath writes: i have been playing the beta since i was released for playstation and i have to say the game is good but it could be better more of the first console mmo touch it needs balance pve and pvp and it needs some more features like trading and other stuff but so far its good. if bungie adds the features what it needs it will turn out to be a great game. Fri Jul 25 2014 9:50AM Report writes:
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