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Videos Videos - MMOFTW - WildStar's Open House (Beta)

What upcoming game just entered Open Beta? When will the Elders Scrolls Online hit consoles now? And just what will founders receive in Warhammer 40K: Eternal Crusade?

Duration: 5:39
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Siphaed writes: "Whether it's an MMO or not", what kind of daft statement is that? Of course Wildstar is an MMO! It's far more an MMO than the junk pile launched a month ago known as TESO.  Shoot, it's the most MMO to launch in years; brimming with content and polish. Sun May 11 2014 1:57AM Report
jesteralways writes: No no, you misunderstood Siphaed, he meant to say that people don't care if wildstar is mmo or not; people are just eagerly waiting for it come out and then play it. Or he meant to say that the whole game industry is eagerly waiting for it to come out whether it is mmo or not they just don't care. Sun May 11 2014 4:00AM Report
NoxiousBass writes:

Been playing WildStar open beta, and I have decided to go for a pre order. Been also in closed beta, but optimization issues have been holding me back. Unlike ESO, WildStar will hang me until WOD, which is more of my type of MMO.

As a WoW veteran, I know that I will not resist giving WOD a shot, so I will decide then which one will be my "home".

If you havent tried WildStar yet, I recommend giving it a fair shot up until lvl 20 to try out a dungeon and some PVP which you can give it a go early on.

Sun May 11 2014 8:24AM Report
greatskys writes: The game itself looks interesting . I was hoping that the optimization may have improved since the last beta test I played a couple of months back but it still seems problematic and I'm only getting 20-30 fps average in the open world on medium where as I got 60+ on ultra settings in Elder scrolls in a similar open world setting . Based on this beta I will have play it under a free trial sometime after release to see if the issue is resolved before I buy it .  Sun May 11 2014 10:32AM Report
NobleNerd writes: Played the earlier betas.... had to force myself not to quit after about 20 mins of game play. This game is not for me.... didn't make it through 1 full weekend beta before being bored of the game play and cartoon graphics. Sun May 11 2014 10:43AM Report
Tyr216 writes: The problem with WoW never was the combat; it was the content. Wildstar is offering WoW content with better combat. While the combat is one of the better action combat systems out there in an MMO, you're still doing the same old WoW type content despite all its new bells and whistles. Wildstar is charming, like WoW used to be, but that new car smell will eventually wear off and everyone will see Wildstar for what it is: a solid game that just doesn't take any real design risks. Sun May 11 2014 1:27PM Report
43%burnt writes:

Brimming with content, maybe. Polish ? Hell no. Boring kill/fedex quests to the max, a whole lot of glitches/bugs (floating/submerged NPCs/nodes, random crashes/disconnects,...etc) and poor optimization.

The game looks nice, it has it's own style, there are interesting characters about...but the game does nothing with them. There isn't anything unique going on, it reminds me very much of a more generic TSW, minus the interesting quests. I really want to like the game, but PvE is just so bloody boring.

Sun May 11 2014 6:10PM Report
goozmania writes:

I'm not a fan of the controls, really. It's like halfway between standard and action. Somewhat similar to GW2, which I didn't like, at all. The controls are enough to steer me away from a game, sadly.

Also don't care for the class selection; though I do like the races.

I also like the way it looks. Once you get off the ship, the terrains are flooded with doodads and vibrant/colorful.

Sun May 11 2014 7:08PM Report
Alverant writes: The world population is 7 billion not 5 billion Sun May 11 2014 8:24PM Report
Thane writes:

played the beta and it surely looks like a nice game... but


a) the colour palette is WAY off, in the exiles area i actually got a headache after some time

b) the engine really aint running smooth. had like 7 fps during peaktimes (and i am running ESO fluently)

c) yea, i said it's "nice", but i didn't see anything really standing out. 



well, they asked us to prove em wrong, and then they did it themselves ^^

Mon May 12 2014 5:09AM Report
Gravarg writes: Wildstar needs to work on graphic optimization.  In ESO, with everything set to max, I hold 60 fps, which is what my monitor is capped at.  In Wildstar I get about 10-15 fps.  Which is hard to believe since even in Cyrodiil with 100+ people on my screen, it doesn't drop 1 fps. Mon May 12 2014 11:39AM Report
Channce writes: pass Mon May 12 2014 2:15PM Report
TraceOfDustMites writes:

I dunno, I'm not having frame rate drops that affect gameplay at all.I did the last beta weekend, but so far in open it's been fine. I haven't had to lower anything. Did notplay prime time last night though, I will tonight though, see how it goes.

This game has been a lot of fun so far, lots to so. Carafting is fun, housing is amazing, no shortage on quests and they are fun and the story  has been pretty cool so far. Have only made it to level 18, hoping to try a dungeon at 20.

Gamd they gave the option to upgrade from standard to deluxe, gotta get me a hover board :)

Mon May 12 2014 5:27PM Report
movros99 writes: Brad McQuaid needs to go away already.  I'm not sure what was meant by "serving niche players".  What niche would that be anyways?  The description of the game was so watered down during the failed Kickstarter that it was hard to get a feel for what they wanted to do.  Whatever cred this guy had is now completely gone.  RIP Pantheon. Tue May 13 2014 12:38AM Report
Megilindir writes: i think Bill eventually got bored of the degenerate and repetitive realm of MMO's whether it's an MMO or not = )) Tue May 13 2014 4:05AM Report
Quesa writes:

I really felt this game to be underwhelming by a large margin.

To me I got the feeling as though I was in a virtual comic strip but that is just aesthetics (albeit a big problem for me).

The telegraph system is good but used sparingly.  Despite the hate that ESO gets and deserves, telegraphs were used in the right way - sparingly.  This is my first taste of a game that only uses telegraphs and it's just horrible.

Also, this will prob get the most flaming, it really does have a WoW feeling too it. 

Thu May 15 2014 2:45AM Report
cylon8 writes: the fist ten levels is a snorefest which in and of itself will gurt wildstar. once you get into the meat of the game its very rote, very wow-ish for obvious reasons and boring.  if eso can turn around wildstar will be fored into a f2p model Thu May 15 2014 5:58PM Report
Xarko writes: Been there done that feel kicks in right from the start, the game does nothing we havent seen before many times. During my play time I had fun, it plays smooth, but I couldnt get myself to log back in very soon... oh and UI is just horrendous. Fri May 16 2014 5:00PM Report
zx2blues writes:

surprised by so many negative comments. I was passing on this one until the free beta. I haven't had this much fun in an MMO in a long time. Sure it's not reinventing the wheel in a lot of areas but they do so many small things right it starts to add up. 

The auction house has the best parameters I've seen for searching for things in ages. There's player housing, different feels to how each of the classes play, a sub class with utility skills anyone can appreciate, War plots look amazing, the raids look huge, it doesn't take itself too seriously and it's just been fun. 

It has a very Bruce Campbell feel to it, if that makes any sense. Maybe I'm the target audience because I loved WoW for so many years. Honestly I can't think of much to complain about. Sure my fps drop on high but I've been running at medium and haven't seen a single drop yet. 

I never thought I'd sub again but I'd love to throw my money at these guys. It's got the best polish I've seen since GW2 and it's tne most fun I've had since BC/Lichking. 

I've played damn near every MMO that's come out in the past 6 years searching for a new home from wow. For me this is it. 

This game isn't for everyone, but if you're not giving it a shot in free beta you're really only hurting yourself I think. Maybe gamers demand more these days. If you like WoW in space with some awesome touches this is it. 

Oh and the fact that they include an Addon studio for your to work with when you download the game automaticly is awesome. 

Sat May 17 2014 10:47PM Report
manm writes:


Quests barely have more than two lines of text. No sense of engagement with any of the quest lines or npc's.

No choices in any of the quests - swtor and ESO both show how this can be done.

Story and background in game is slim to non existance - even Marvel Heroes has a better story.



Sun May 18 2014 10:55AM Report
G4NK3D writes:

Sorry, but...  Played Wildstar...  Played ESO... Thought there might be something there in one of them but was let down by ESO after launch and let down by the lack of innovation quest wise in Wildstar which to me is the same old kill this, collect that, kill more of these without actually giving you enough other mechanics and content in the game beside the quest hubs to keep you interested when the questing becomes boring...

Then I played ArcheAge...  Although the quests aren't any more entertaining in AA than they are in any other game, AA offers MUCH MUCH MUCH more customization and content on the side of the quest hubs with its VERY sandboxy elements making it an amazingly full and fun experience.  My choice for the best MMO to come out in years atm?  ArcheAge by a longshot.... Just my opinion...  Thanks Zenimax and Carbine for your efforts, but i'll be making my new home on AA unless you can show me that you offer more to the gamers imagination than AA currently does.

Sun May 18 2014 11:58PM Report
Raventree writes: I tried to get going in Wildstar twice, but both times the cartoony graphics bugged me so much that I could only play for about 20 minutes and I was already fed up.  The starting areas that have you in some kind of building don't help much, either.  It has a good feel to it but those graphics..... ugh. Tue May 20 2014 10:40PM Report writes:
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