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Videos Videos - MMOFTW - Elder Scrolls Review in Progress

Hello and welcome to MMOFTW for April 6th, 2014. I'm your host, Bill Murphy, and this is the week that was in MMO news. How many times has death been killed? What big changes are coming to Guild Wars 2? How long will Van Helsing 2 be delayed to get its polish on? Also, what do we think of Elder Scrolls Online so far? Watch on to find out, because this is MMOFTW.

Duration: 7:06
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Thorkune writes: "Incrediber edventules of Van Helsing?!" Sun Apr 06 2014 12:13PM Report
Battlerock writes: Lol loved the conversation between you and Grak, "It's f÷+=inging broke for me" Sun Apr 06 2014 12:17PM Report
mcrippins writes: Even though others have clearly experienced a lot of bugs, I have to say I have only had 1 minor issue so far. That was 1 quest being bugged out, and it was patched the next day. I'm sure there were other issues as we had a 12 hour downtime,  but I just haven't seen them, and i'm level 23 now. So far so good! Sun Apr 06 2014 12:44PM Report
Soki123 writes: Lol, ESO is certainly worthy of a sub. Could that be anymore opinionated. It most definitely isn t worth a sub, at all. Weird how my opinion is different. Sun Apr 06 2014 1:26PM Report
greene75 writes: I think Mr. Murphy has an excellent speaking voice, as well as some solid writing skills.  I also agree with the review in progress wholeheartedly.  ESO caught me by surprise.   So far it's fresh and moving the genre forward, even if in baby steps.   Sun Apr 06 2014 1:56PM Report
drivendawn writes: Nice piece but why nothing on FFXIV's large 2.2 release seeing how you guys didn't have MMOFTW last week? Sun Apr 06 2014 2:15PM Report
Vodun writes:

Well I like the game, bugs and all, and see myself playing it for quite some time. The quests are a welcome change to the MMO norm, the quests seem to actually mean something and have a decent variety.

Only issue I have is that I can't seem to be able to get the hide drops to make all my medium armor as I level up. But that is a minor issue as I am enjoying the crafting system overall and there are no silly limits on what crafting skills I can use.

Gold has not been an issue for me, I am only buying empty soul gems and crafting all my other items myself.




Sun Apr 06 2014 4:08PM Report
gimmiblackdesertnow writes:

I defended the game hard-core style, because the critiques blamed the game irrationally and seemingly biased by what their perception of an EOS game is, that is irrelevant in case of this multiplayer genre. Also I started to trust the developers because of their professionalism on the field of media and the lore part of the game (voice acting, loremaster). And I just liked the beautiful graphics and clean interface.


But as I started to play the game, it was a gigantic letdown for me. Sorry to mention wow-references, but vanilla-bc wow implemented the class, skill, leveling and questing system much much better. Developers of this game do not know what the word progression means.

Sun Apr 06 2014 4:44PM Report
Dreamo84 writes:

Umm yes, he was giving his opinion Soki123. Were you coming here expecting facts? That would be pretty boring.

ESO is a game

It launched

It has players

You do stuff

The end

If you just want a list of facts try the Wikipedia page.

Sun Apr 06 2014 4:56PM Report
Matticus75 writes:

I find that you have to "know how to play the game" or to properly approach it, most of the quest are in a chain, if you bounce around between chains, the game is not all that good, if you stick to one line at a time, it a lot better......when fighting you have to use tactics, a few group fights involved kiting, running, healing, and watching where everyone else it a quite dynamic game compared to others in the past.......

As far as the pvp.....Planetside 1 is all I have to say

Sun Apr 06 2014 5:55PM Report
Matticus75 writes:

I also find myself role playing, I don't ever do that, but I have a Redguard, who is afraid of ghost, loves the ladies, and is always asking for Skooma, and his mama told him not to trust cat doods....

Just seems to work in the community more easily in ESO

Sun Apr 06 2014 5:58PM Report
ohgodtherats707 writes: I have to say since the 5 day Every time i logged in and played it was smooth for me I know other people have a lot of problems but for me It was the first MMORPG experience where launch  day was smooth sailing.  Sun Apr 06 2014 7:44PM Report
Dreamo84 writes: Ya, I was lucky too. Other than when the server was actually down I never had any issues with my plat time during the 5 day head start. I never even got booted! And I played 8+ hours a day lol. Sucks for those that did have issues though.
Sun Apr 06 2014 9:10PM Report
andreawales writes: Yup I agree its defo worth the Sub :) Mon Apr 07 2014 12:59AM Report
fhnw1988 writes:

hey i would like to contribute too.

The game is definitly not worth the sub.

Mon Apr 07 2014 6:42AM Report
fhnw1988 writes:

hey i would like to contribute too.

The game is definitly not worth the sub.

Mon Apr 07 2014 6:43AM Report
freakky writes:

Murphy can't stop playing but is only level 15. Says he is so addicted he should take shower etc. By what I seen you can get to that level in least one 8 hour grind out.

Anyways if you people enjoy it great, for me I'll pass. Combat and few other things were main problems I have with the game. If game came out 10 years ago the story would be different.

Mon Apr 07 2014 6:47AM Report
chiefarchon writes: urm. this one really was just about one game wasn't it :( Mon Apr 07 2014 8:47AM Report
Gravarg writes: I've played tons of ESO since Early Access.  The only problem I have with the game is I don't know what character I want to play.  It's like an altoholic's dream.  I just play all 8 of my characters XD Mon Apr 07 2014 9:04AM Report
achesoma writes: I'm loving ESO so far, even so there are some rather game breaking bugs. And not just bugged quests either. Like disappearing gear , materials, and banks slots. I lost 5 helms and some tannins. And I consider myself fortunate compared to others who lost much more.  Mon Apr 07 2014 9:53AM Report
the.face writes:


Not sure what faction you are, but there are plenty in Stonefalls in the Crow public dungeon in Davon's Watch.  There are tons of wolfs, 5 grouped together if i remember right, and they spawn quickly.  

Honestly deconstruct everything you get and grab the guy that sends you mats everyday via skill point.  It will go a ways to helping you level crafting faster.  Also decon all the light armor and level via jute.  Jute is what I see the most in nodes in the Stonfalls.  It is a little different than most as you are doing both light an medium armor in one crafting skill line.  Cool though.  Also make sure to start researching traits.  You have to have 2 per item to craft at the specialized stations in the open world for set bonus armor.  Set bonus also work with weapons and heavy armor etc.

Mon Apr 07 2014 10:45AM Report
Rukushin writes:

Adding my own two cents: The game is definitely worth the sub.

I get lost in the game everytime I play and feel like I'm a part of the world. It feels so immersive to me and the minimalistic UI is such a breath of fresh air I will never go back to 12 button hot bars ever again and neither should any other game from now on.

I also have not really experienced many bugs since the beginning of the early access launch and was working during server down time anyway. To the guy who said about bill murphy only being level 15 and how that can be done in one 8 hour play too much. Some of us actually have lives outside of ESO. I mean more power to you for having that mcuh time to put into a game. God knows I used to when I was a young teen, but hell I'm only level 12 so far cause I've spent most of my time getting lost in the world and end up chest, ore, and rune farming. Crafting for the first time has stolen my life. That I guess getting older has caused me to do that opposite of what I used to do with games, I'm actually diliberately going slow in the game.

Mon Apr 07 2014 7:50PM Report
Yoda_Clone writes:

Definitely NOT worth a subscription.  In fact, I cancelled mine yesterday.  Already.  Maybe if they fix things, I'll come back.  But usually, I only give a game one shot.  If I can't trust the developer the first time, then it's unlikely I'll be able to trust him later.

As I said many times during Beta, the game is not ready for prime time.

Ignoring the bugs; there are many, many niggling little design issues -- not the least of which is class balance; the balance between range and melee builds; the balance between healing and non-healing builds -- and no game should ever be released without at least ONE pass on balancing, and this game really had no passes on balancing.

In PvP, you usually die from a ranged opponent you might never see.

In PvE, you need to kite solo bosses at range and heal yourself.

Those problems were immediately obvious in Beta, yet never fixed.

And there are "minor" little problems like walking past a Wayshrine... and suddenly you're dead.  From what?  Instant deaths like that are not that uncommon, as a lot of other odd bugs are not uncommon.  The game has not been satisfactorily tested.  It is not ready for prime time.

Tue Apr 08 2014 9:12AM Report writes:
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