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Videos Videos - MMOFTW News Recap - WildStar Saves the Date

Hello and welcome to MMOFTW for March 16th, 2014. I'm your host, Bill Murphy, and this is the week that was in MMO news. Is Lotro getting a new class? What is ESO doing in its final weeks before launch? Who wants to beat up Superman with Batman? When is WildStar Launching? Find out all this and more, because this is MMOFTW.

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plescure writes: I'm surprised at the WOW expansion release date. Was sure they were gonna do to WS what they did to WAR and release a month after to try and stop ppl subbing the competiton Sun Mar 16 2014 3:06AM Report
Aroukos writes:

I m not sirprised at all. As always when it comes to money, Blizz is the King.

They know that ppl will buy both ESO & Wildstar. They also release D3 RoS in a few days. So whats the point releasing WoD now?

They also know that many ppl will leave both ESO & Wildstar after the free month and many more (as in any new mmo) in the upcoming months. If you add that the dust from RoS will settle down in some months too, you realize that there will be many ppl who will be looking for a new or old gaming home.

Thats where the WoD will play its role. Blizzard once again knows the way as it concerns sales.

Sun Mar 16 2014 7:07AM Report
Nanfoodle writes: @Aroukos, ya they know when they are launching and Blizzard is smart about getting back subs. 1-3 months after a game release people leave looking for somewhere to go.  Sun Mar 16 2014 3:28PM Report
Hokie writes:

Wait, did Bill actually say Warlords of Draenor costs $49.99 or $69.99 for an expansion?

This is not a stand alone game with one month free, right?


Hey bleed them while you can.


The $100 alpha invite cost to test EQN:L, a free to play game, does show theres more than just one born every minute.

Sun Mar 16 2014 4:00PM Report
NDC19 writes:

Hokie, it's $60 for alpha invite actually... and I think that's reasonable because alpha is enormously early in the game's development, and yet they let players in. 

It's a wonder they let players in at all.

Sun Mar 16 2014 4:39PM Report
Hokie writes:

NDC19 unless this is actually another language besides English

it says $99.99 for the Trailblazers pack. (Unless you really want to nit-pick me over 1 cent?)


And there is a video out there with Dave Georgeson with a incredulous look on his face when he was talking about how many people actually bought into the $100 Trailblazer package.


LIke a said, theres more than just one born every minute.

Sun Mar 16 2014 6:41PM Report
orbitxo writes:

haha yeah my wow ride stopped at those ridic prices!...

ill be doin WS n ESO for sure! those are quaility games, not driven by a history of a 'game that once was'...

that said ill be playing diablo 3 reaper of souls- they relaly fixed that game well.


Sun Mar 16 2014 7:29PM Report
reddog00 writes:

I totally agree orbitxo.  D3 RoS changes have made the game a total blast to play again.  My wife and I both bought it and play co-op on a daily basis (since the loot changes have been implemented).

Diablo is back as far as I am concerned.  I look forward to playing it with the wife every day now!  Cannot wait to try out the new character class "Crusader"!

Mon Mar 17 2014 10:31AM Report
Thessik_Irontail writes: Why are none MMOs like infinite crisis being reported in MMOFTW? Is someone actually confused that IC is not a MMO but rather a MOBA? Mon Mar 17 2014 12:01PM Report
Sethalos writes:

D3 RoS looks good, but I'm not going to pay full price for what should be a patch in the first place. The content they are adding isn't worth the money they are asking...completely disappointed with that game. Ditto goes for WoW...done with that game forever (Great ride while I was at it though).

ESO will be my addiction of choice for the forseeable future, and possibly EQN:L...we'll see how that shapes up. Wildstar doesn't interest me in the least though...don't like the cartoony graphics, gameplay, or anything else about it.

Thu Mar 20 2014 5:07PM Report writes:
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