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Videos Videos - MMOFTW News Recap - Scarlet Briar Goes Down

Hello and welcome to MMOFTW for March 9th, 2014. Who did Trion just hire to herd the cats of their community? What's Landmark's monetization going to be like? What new souls are coming to Rift? How about a brand new expansion for Neverwinter? And finally, what's happening with Scarlet Briar in Guild Wars 2? Find out all this and more, because this is MMOFTW.

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Scot writes:

Its hard for a cash shop to make a building game like Landmark P2W, and so far that seems to be born out.

Rifts just seems to be giving even more player convenience which is rarely solid gameplay.

NW certainly is updating but was built from the ground up as P2W so I can't see how they get round that dragon in the room.

GW2 living story - keeps living. That's about it.

Sun Mar 09 2014 1:04PM Report
Tatercake writes:

landmark is not pay to win


Sun Mar 09 2014 3:09PM Report
Reklaw writes:

I am somewhat curious towards what type of player will buy other player creations in Everquest Landmark.

I had this discusion with a friend of mine where he said it's the same as art. You see a very nice painting worth millions, you might be able to paint a pretty similar copy but it will not be the original that's why it's wortht that much and you gotta have that original.

My argument against that was that we talk about pixels which hasn't the same value as real life art has. Atleast not in the way it's given in games to us.

Besides that I beleive a player who is interested or is playing everquest next is doing so because he or she can create. Wouldn't buying that "blueprint" dismiss the purpose of playing the game?


Sun Mar 09 2014 3:42PM Report
jackie28 writes: Exactly this, Reklaw.  Even the most creatively deformed person is going to want to play with the building tools and crank out whatever they can for free.  I would not personally buy anyone's template; I'd take inspiration and build my own unique structure.  Your friend's argument about the templates being like art is not a good one because if you bought a template you have a non-unique reproduction of someone else's work, not an original.  Might as well be paying $20 to print the Mona Lisa out on your printer.  Who seriously would want to do that, unless maybe you've got a guild and having a redundant design is their "thing". Sun Mar 09 2014 4:38PM Report
Megilindir writes:

Art is not create in someone else's creation.It is a creation of your own.This one however may be called execution or performing which is a debatable aspect.

I don't see any art or productivity in this.I see money flow.

And Gw2 do need an expansion every now and then.

Sun Mar 09 2014 5:11PM Report
Dreamo84 writes: Landmark is going to be about more than just building. Not everyone enjoys building as much, nor are they as good at it. I'm far from a visually artistic person myself. Not saying I will buy templates, but I can see how someone might see a really nice building and decide to use it on his plot rather than try to build it himself. Especially if that player is more the adventuring type. Sun Mar 09 2014 5:30PM Report
plescure writes:

surprised there was no coverage of the PoE mini expansion. It seems very popular at the moment


Sun Mar 09 2014 6:32PM Report
Dauntis writes: Eh, more people buy prints of art than you would think and high quality lithos go for quite a bit. So no they may not pay $20 to print out the Mona Lisa but plenty of people have posters that have been duplicated from art over and over. Sun Mar 09 2014 8:24PM Report
Knotwood writes: Aw nothing on ESO?  Well maybe that's just me wanting to pay it so BAD!!!! Sun Mar 09 2014 11:36PM Report
BuddyDude writes: Plenty of people might print out art. Not video game "art" and not something that will make them the same as other people. MMOs players like to be unique.  How many people do you honestly think are going to pay to look like the next guy. Sure, a few. Hardly the masses.  I'm not going to pay to look like some other schmeckle. Mon Mar 10 2014 3:24AM Report
ivaylo1981 writes:

My dream game will be:

Archeage - graphic

Tera - fight system

Rift + Allods - endgame

Lineage 2 - PvP and siege system , Sub class and Clan wars

WoW+GW2 - questing

POE - passive tree

and everyone to be unique not like other one!


Mon Mar 10 2014 3:38AM Report
jackie28 writes: One has to wonder ( in the case of GW2 and others ) if a player-driven outcome can ever truly advance a story that the developers, most likely, have already pre-determined.  Is this a case of "run through our little maze and ring the bell and we'll read you the next page of the story"? Mon Mar 10 2014 4:56AM Report
SomeHuman writes:

In response to the E.N.L. discussion about buying templates, I think you may be missing the point of templates.  A template can be anything from a small piece to a large structures.  Most of the claims I've visited in E.N.L. use the pre-made props, crafted from the stations.  A few have had their own chair or table, blocky though it may be.  I think the templates that will sell are things like a spiral stair case, and ornate wall design, the base of a well, a unique arch.  I agree that few players will purchase a whole structure because that does defeat the point.  

I don't think I'd buy anything, but think of all those players out there that would shell out mucho dinero to skip all the content in a game and be uber.  I don't understand it, but it is there.

Mon Mar 10 2014 8:35AM Report
mmoguy43 writes:

EQNL: Get paid = win and paying for templates = loose model (only if you care about having fun and making money)

Just like the other games on player studio but to an extremely higher degree there is going to be a lot of competition and other people doing it better and before you can that there is a lot less real money to be made here. Of course that is only a little perk to making a masterpiece next to the pride of making it yourself.

There are a lot of inventive people in EQNL though, that have found ways of taking a 3d model and turning it into a voxel representation and then build that sculpture in the game. Of course... it takes 5s of hours to build.

Later down the line maybe people can make some money off the stuff they make when other people, like mentioned above, rather just play and explore(once combat and a lot of PvE is added) and skip the many hours of building that other people rather do.

So sure, I guess you can say it is Pay2Win if you mean paying for your lack of creative ability or time.

Mon Mar 10 2014 3:14PM Report
MestreMax writes:

I do not expect anything good from Neverwinter, when you reach the end level (A game week you get to the end level) the game becomes extremely repetitive and daily quests that make anyone get bored, classes are totally unbalanced in PvP. The amount of currencies is absurd. And everything in the game you need to take many clicks, accessibility is not with Neverwinter. 

Now I'm playing ArcheAge and 2 weeks of play I have nothing bad to say about him.

Mon Mar 10 2014 4:30PM Report
xpiher writes: You guys are missing the point of EQ:N entirely. SoE is using it to crowd source their world design to some extent and cash in on the voxel craze while its still high. Even trion is doing it with Trove. The real value from the moniterzation of EQ:N-L will come from the developers themselves buying your work and placing it in game and from the developers themselves selling unquie objects as well.  Tue Mar 11 2014 3:23AM Report
Alomar writes:

Rift's addition of the souls per class is fantastic news to me, I come and go from the game every few months. Their f2p system is the best out there imo.


Neverwinter proved to me at launch that it was a complete cash grab that was essentially pay 2 win. Any addition to their game, even where interest lies (pvp), will never bring me back. I'm glad I never gave them a cent.


ArchAge, why oh why do you tug at my heart strings Trion? If they release this before the end of 2014 and if it doesn't follow suit of the 1.1 then maybe it could be something.


EQ:N nothing there for me, still interesting to see how it progresses.


Tue Mar 11 2014 10:10AM Report
fiontar writes:

I agree with SomeHuman on EQNL templates.


Some people will buy buildings, but I think the best sellers will be modular items that are tricky or time consuming to make, like spiral stairs, detailed railings, archways, towers, gatehouses, etc...  Either things of higher detail and quality than most will be able to achieve, or templates that save the buyer time, while still allowing them to build their own unique overall design.


There will probably also be a market for things like sculptures and voxel based props. SOE has also said they are looking into ways for players to create and sell props made using 3D modelling software, which will definitely provide items beyond the ability/talent of the majority of the player base.

Wed Mar 12 2014 3:16PM Report
fiontar writes:

I agree with Jackie on GW2 Living Story.


GW2 is a vast game loaded with content and a game design that encouraged exploration and free roaming adventure. Living Story has indeed reduced the game to nothing more than a new checklist of hoops to jump through every two weeks in order to earn a tasty reward. The Story itself is thin and poorly presented and players actions have zero bearing on how the story will turn out.


Living Story is the sort of desperation move you might expect from an understaffed MMO that had launched with a tiny game world and too little content.


I think GW2, at launch, was a pretty amazing achievement  and maybe 80% of the way to being the game they espoused in their GW2 Manifesto. It was easy to see an obvious path forward for the game and it's concept via further development of the game world, so that new and evolving Dynamic Events would provide a sense of an actual Living World and players who left and later returned would always find tons of new stuff out in the world they hadn't seen or experienced before.


Instead, they've reduced the game to an endless chase jumping through hoops, checking off boxes and following a linear story so they can earn the latest "limited time only" carrot before the content disappears forever and the next checklist of temporary content and the next "must have shiny" appears.


It's a sick perversion of a once great game that had been poised to move the genre forward.

Wed Mar 12 2014 3:32PM Report writes:
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